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I am currently looking at buying a 2009 '09' Mazda 6 2.2d Sport with 56,000 miles on the clock.The car was ran as a company car and is in good condition with all the kit on with it being a Sport and due to the fact it's for sale at a dealership where I work, I can get it at a decent price.

Originally I was interested in the A4 1.9 TDi S-lIne, but quickly got put off after reading owner reviews and JD Power Survey's etc. Also like the Accord, but I'm young so the image put me off slightly.

This Mazda has full service history (Although the last two services have been done 2-3,000 miles over schedule)...I wondered whether this could have done any damage in terms of the Mazda DPF/diesel in sump problem seeing as the oil changes have been 14,500 miles between at least once?

I understand the 2.2 diesel engine has a closed loop DPF system, which means it doesnt go wrong as much as the 2.0d engine, but I am looking at getting the system removed by s******* if I do buy the car - wondered if anyone else has had this done?

Sorry for the long post, do appreciate the help and advice on this site though.

Thanks, Joe.

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The question Joe you trust the maker after reading of how they have treated owners of the previous bad joke model if it does go seriously wrong, the car in question already has the perfect get out clause with going over the service intervals.

Removing the DPF sounds good in theory, however with MOT changes due this spring will it pass future MOTs without the DPF...thats the 64 thousand dollar question no one can answer for sure only give their opinion.

Lastly don't be put off a Honda due to idiots opinions or bar talk, seriously well made and competent cars with good dealers in the main.

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56,000 miles over about 2.5 years. Can't see there being much of a problem with the DPF. Don't know about the specifics of DPF gutting. The ECU needs to be reprogrammed so perhaps best done after the OE warranty runs out...

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There must be other suitable diesels available, without this threat and poor manufacture response!

It is possible to remove the DPF and there is at least one firm around who will re-programme the ECU to compensate

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Apart from rising oil levels (never seriously high) I enjoyed the original Mazda6 on a 57 plate with the 143PS engine. It was a good car. But I wanted oil changes between two services just in case - a company car. I didn't think they were necessary but I wanted the peace of mind the lease company wouldn't pursue me if there was a problem. In the end, they would not accept any liability (unlikely there was a problem) so why should - hence oil changes.

I am told the next generation DPF on the 2.2d Mazda6 regenerates twice as fast and less often. I have no personal experience. All I know is the 57 Mazda6 2.0d I had was reliable* unlike the Mondeo TDCi that let me down a few times.

* = before it was almost 4 years old gear change became stiff at times especially when cold. Mostly sorted I think. I soon after got a new car.


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