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Mitsubishi Owners' Club - Peter Todd
Does anyone have their address, assuming such a club exists.

Re: Mitsubishi Owners' Club - mike harvey
Looks like they're all in America so....... start your own! This time next year Rodney.....

Sorry I cannot be more helpful, but over 24 hrs on this site without a useful reply is bad news indeed!
Re: Mitsubishi Owners' Club - Ian Aspinall
I suspect the lack of response is because the answer lies in the Directories section of this very website...
Re: Mitsubishi Owners' Club - Mark

Slightly more constsructive would be to point out that this was here, so next time please try and look more carefully.

Nonetheless, here is the information...

Mitsubishi Motors Owners Club, c/o David Miles, The Colt Car Company Ltd., Watermoor, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1LF, tel: 01285 655777; e-mail:

Mitsubishi Sapporo Register (1974?84), c/o Graham Haswell, The Old Winchester Street, Botley, Southampton SO30 2AA, tel: 01489 785293.
You'll make HJ twitchy. - David Woollard
I didn't post to this one after the slap issued from HJ about not looking on the site for the Toyota Club (about three threads back).

Re: You'll make HJ twitchy. - Mark
Sorry, Sir. And now I can't find a delete button.

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