Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - mhilfer

ok iv read lots of posts but i cant find one entirly similar. this forum looks really good and the pople seem to know what they are talking about.

heres the deal

ford fiesta 2001 5 door hatchback no in car temperature gauge

endura e engine 1.3 - no air conditioning

the engine gets hot and i mean really hot. engine warning light doesnt come on.

the longest iv driven it recently is 17 miles each way and the fitting above the stearing collum got hot to toutch was a sunny day tho could have been that.

the radiator fan doesnt seem to come on. -it mite not know to come on-

3 pipes are leading in/out of the radiator the bottom one is warm. the top one is roasting and squishy.

iv flushed the radiator twice

the second time i did it properly and checked the top pipe from the radiator which seems to connect to the thermostat housing then overflow tank

the water in the overflow tank is hot.

however the top pipe connecting to the radiator when i took it off had orange water in it still sitting there. the pipe/hose itself looked rustic. due to the residue.

cleaned all the pipes and put water in the top pipe it comes out the bottom of the radiator.

all clean.

hot air does not come out the in car heating only cold.

previoulsy i had a pressure issue in the engine and several leaks resulting in lost coolent, i presumed head gasket issue garage fixed this and now no longer loosing coolent.

now i suspect that its the thermostat thats its shut and not letting the hot water circulate the system.

however radiator does seem warm/hot aswell.

i believe the key is the top hose pipe in to the radiator and the fact it had that rustic water in it but cant quite figure this one out.

oh its def not a fuse or relay for the radiator fan they have been checked.

could be the temperature sensor but im having a mare of a time finding it believe its possibly near the thermostat or in the houseing.

any help would be appreciated.

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Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - mhilfer

im really sorry to do this bumping my own post but issue is ongoing any help?

Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - Peter.N.

The most likely cause of overheating is a defective thermostat. Are you sure it is overheating as in normal operation it can run close to boiling point, is it actually boiling?

Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - mhilfer

thanks for your reply i think i will try the thermostat it seems easy enough to test and remove.

Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - KJ1812

Hi, I read you post with interest, as my wife has exactly the same car (Fiesta Flight 51) with EXACTLY the same problems. No hot air - so I replaced heater valve (which worked temporarily), then saw what I thought was oil seepage from rocker head gasket and coolant leaking from inlet manifold gasket, so replace both of those.

The water in the expansion tank was viritually boiling and the top pipe into the radiator from the thermostat was seriously hot, so rather than prolong the inevitable (and Parkers Parts doing a good replacement radiator at £42.08!) I decided to replace the radiator.

Even with a new radiator, the water in the expansion was tank STILL boiling, so I then replace the Thermostat.

Figuring I had sorted all possible ills, I took the car for a short drive and the coolant in the expansion tank STILL boiled! ..infact it later boiled even at idle within 12 or 13 minutes, so something is really wrong.

When I took it for that short drive, the boiling built up pressure enough to force the spring clip on the bottom hose of the expansion tank to expand - and the ALL of the coolant in the expansion tank emptied (amidst plumes of white smoke as I was driving along) all inside the engine compartment!

I am now seriously puzzled. I don't appear to have any oil in with my water, so don't 'think' the head gasket is to blame, and water does 'appear' to be circulating, so I don't (with my limited skills) want to start tying to replace the water pump.

My guess is that replacing the head gasket may do the trick as it could the cause of super-heating the water, BUT also if the pump is not functioning 100% it may not be circulating the water fast enough to allow it too cool properly.

Throughout all of this, the old AND new radiators have remained cool enough to touch by hand (even when the expansion tank is boiling like crazy) and the radiator fan never comes on - but as the radiator isn't getting very hot, I guess that is to be expected.

If you cured your problem, you might be able to help me cure mine!

Any thoughts/help to resolve this would be appreciated, before I have to pay someone more clever than me to replace either or both the head gasket and water pump

Thank you!!

Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - Peter.N.

What you have to determin is whether the water is actually boiling or the system is being pressurised and blowing the water out. Firstly what temperature is your gauge showing, is it normal or in the red? Is the radiator getting hot, if so that would eliminate the thermostat. If the temperature is around normal but you still have a pressurised cooling system and are loosing coolant via the filler cap and overflow pipe the head gasket is leaking, it doesn't have to be leaking oil just combustion gasses.

Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - KJ1812

Hi thanks for the quick response!

The expansion tank is that hot that the contents are litterally 'boiling'. It isn't just bubbling due to gas pressure etc. Unfortunately Ford decided not to equip this car with a temperature guage, so all I can tell are levels of 'hotness' like 'seriously hot' (e.g. the expansion tank and the top pipe from the thermostat to the radiator are seriously hot!) or 'warm to hot' (e.g. the radiator and other pipes are warm to hot - but still not a problem to touch. The radiator is more hot at the top where the flow from the thermostat pipe enters the radiator - and the rest remains largely 'warm' - which I guess shows the radiator is doing it's job?!)

The only 'filler cap' on this car is that on the expansion tank. I DID think my problem was the water pump, but having disconnected the thin return pipe (which goes from thermostat back to top of expansion tank), I can see that water IS being pumped back up there - so conclude that the pump is working ok.

Everything remains the same, whichever way I turn this around and whether or not I have the thermostat in or out, so I am fairly set on the problem now lying with the Head Gasket. I am guesing the Head Gasket has split and is pushing hot compressed air into the coolent channel, effectively super heating the liquid ..although I still would have thought that it would then go back around the system and be subject to the radiator cooling it down...?!?

I am running out of ideas. i've asked a 'mobile garage' to come and do a pressure test to determine IF the Head Gasket is the culprit or not, so we'll see...

Thanks again.

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Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - elekie&a/c doctor

Did the problem occur after the heater valve was replaced?The was a batch of heater valves produced that for some strange reason would cause the engine to overheat.A modified valve was made with a different by-pass tube and this would cure the issue.hth

Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - KJ1812

Hi. Problem fixed. Despite my having taken the return pipe off the expansion tank to prove to myself that thepump WAS pumping water ...the problem, infact the root cause of all heating problems on the car, turned out to be the Water Pump. ..Unfortunately for me, I was left with a choice of Water Pump of Head Gasket, and picked wrong, so I replaced the Head Gasked first. Don't get me wrong, it WAS a mess, the holes for the coolent to flow through in the Head Gasket were partially clogged or even completely clogged with the K-Seal I put in a month ago, but the root cause was the Water Pump.

In some stupid move to save money, Ford had decided to stop using a metal impeller and go for plastic instead. My plastic impeller was in bits, literally. (so was I when I go the bill!).

So winding the clock back, the heater packed up in the car, so I replaced the heater valve. That didn't really do the job, but I realised the expansion tank was empty. ..probably been driven on empty for quite some time (do bear in mind this is my wife's car, not mine!). Daily refills of Kettle's full of water became tiresome, so I tried and failed to locate any leak. I added K-Seal to stop the leak. I noticed while under the bonnet that the rocker head gasket looked like it needed changing, and did that easily whilst still looking for the coolent leak. I noticed the coolent had been leaking from the Inlet Manifold Gasket and had neither the time or experience to fix that, so i called in some hired help. Inlet manifold gasket replaced in 2hrs for £117incl VAT. Coolent loss stopped, but car now very clearly overheating. The hired hand said 99.9% certain to need a new Radiator. I did that. £42.08 from Parkers. Still no difference. Water boiling in expansion tank after 10 mins. I bought a new Thermostat. Still no difference. I checked all pipes, and came to the conclusion it was the Water Pump or Head Gasket. I 'proved' the Water Pump was ok (but it wasn't. ...what was flowing, was flowing due to heat/expansion and not 'pumping' as it should have been). I got the Hired Help back and we went for the Head Gasket. This was blocked and in a mess, probably largely due to age and the amount of K-Seal that had found its way to the holes in the gasket for the coolent to circulate, but as there was no real pumping going on, the K-Seal had just settled on those holes and started to do it's job of sealing holes - which it did too well...! With a lot of head scratching and many hours lost, we knew there must still be a blockage and went for the Water Pump. The impeller was in broken plastic bits, some of which I am sure are still circulating around inside the engine! £27 plus VAT got me a new Water Pump. Problems with over heating disappeared instantly. Interior heater still not working, but I can live with that for now. Total bill for yesterday's Head Gasket replacement (including Skim) and a new Water Pump, was a beer short of £500. Total for the above, including new Radiator Thermostat, gaskets, pump etc was around £730. Almost the value of the car I think!

..anyone want to buy a car? ;-p

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Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - Peter.N.

Well at least you shouldn't have that problem again! I have never in over 50 years of motoring had a water pump fail so as to not circulate the water, I have had them leak. Manufacturers seem to be introducing a whole new range of problems by changing things that have worked perfectly alright for years. Anyway, pleased you managed to fix it.

Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - focussed

" I have never in over 50 years of motoring had a water pump fail so as to not circulate the water."

I have-a 1995 BMW 520i E34 - the plastic water pump impeller disintegrated so it overheated - quite common so the guy at the parts counter at my local BMW dealer told me.

Moral-always check the simple stuff first, don't immediately assume any fault is something complicated, it usually isn't.

Plastic Impellers - Jay98

"I have never in over 50 years of motoring had a water pump fail so as to not circulate the water."

Peter, it is very common for plastic impellers to disintegrate, especially during very cold weather. It happened on my wife's Ford Focus !

Also note that replacement water pumps don't have plastic impellers ;)

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Ford Fiesta 1999 Overheat Issues - Jay98

Just to add to this thread, Ford Fiesta 1999 5 door hatchback , 1.25L Zetec engine

Received a call from my daughter that her car broke down, on arriving it was evident that there had been a cooling leak and the engine had overheated, you could still smell burning. Started the engine and it was chugging badly with white smoke from the exhaust.

Following day, went back to the car, filled it up with water and drove about 5 miles home with no issues until parking on the drive, where I noticed steam coming from the engine bay.

The source of the steam was the heater valve, the plastic had for whatever reason disintegrated, so no problem replaced that with a brand new one, £12 including delivery ;).

Refilled the coolant, purged the air and left the engine running for 30 minutes and all seemed fine, then the Mrs took it for a test drive, all seemed fine but momentarily the temperature had shot into the red.

Starting the car again back on the drive it immediately started chugging with white smoke, I was convinced it must be the head gasket.

However, following day, did the same as before and it was an exact repeat, engine ran fine for 30 mins stationery, took it for a quick test run, totally fine, then when attempting to restart it back on the drive it starting chugging with lots of white smoke from the exhaust again !

Opening the bonnet, I immediately noticed a leak of steam from that the top right coolant pipe from the engine to the radiator, note that where this pipe connects to the engine is directly under the electronic ignition distributor, hence the reason for the engine chugging and the white smoke caused by unburt fuel.

So simply tightented the jubilee clip on this pipe a few turns, added halve a kettle full of water, then took for another much longer test drive, with foot to the floor on the wayback on a long straight incline, then a few more test drives and all seems to be perfectly resolved ;)

I'll replace the pipe soon as obviously it must be beginning to perish due to the fact the jubillee clip took a few turns to tighten up.

We often think of the worst case scenarios are at fault, when sometimes the actual fix is quite simple ;)

Ford Fiesta 1999 Overheat Issues - Np86

Hi guys,

some very helpful posts in this thread thanks. Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to get a new water pump put in in a ford garage for example? Ive no tools or equipment to even attempt it myself. cheers

Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - Justun Thomas

I have a ford fiesta 2001 mk5 1.3 endura engine

i have had kind of the same issue as u i left my car running for a little bit after having a new exhaust put on the car !! the car was running for 10 mins on stand still!! then there was steam coming from the bonnet of my car so as u do i turned the engine off and opened the bonnet the collant was gone and was currently running down the lane the car was in havent moved the car since ive been told the fact it was all of a sudden its more than likly to be the watter pump but the more ive read up it all so could be the gasket ! the oil seems ok havnt noticed it go greamy or anything :/ but i aint really had time to look at it properly i need to have a rough idea how much its going to cost or what it is so i can do it my self has anyone eles had this issue

please can someone help me Please

Ford Fiesta - ford fiesta 2001 overheat issues (yup another one) - Mr.G

hi there hope i can help.. without confusing your car problems with other posts.. overheating can be caused by many things, so dont dive straight into faulty pumps or blown gaskets.. does the cooling fan come on?.. is their any engine managment lights on?.. do u have warm air come through your vents once the engine has warmed up and youv switched your blower/demister motor on?


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