ex police T5 - dafydd tomos
I wonder if anyone has had any experience of buying and running an ex police t5 for a number of years.?
Ive been tempted in the past to buy but have been told that.
they are expensive to fix
have been hammered (driven hard from cold, kerbed etc.)
impossible to sell on.

any views would be appreciated
Big Macs - Guy Lacey
I would be a little worried about the stains from the McDonalds Big Mac relish over the front seats. :-)

My only concern over ex-f*lth motas is they are usually in the most basic of specifications and the interiors/dash/etc can be covered in all sorts of holes/grommets/knife-slashes. I would expect them to be extremely well maintained and well driven but possibly hard to sell due to all your above comments.

I doubt they are driven hard from cold as most have a lazy drive around town on a Saturday evening looking at the ladies waiting for that elusive call to harass a young, law-abiding(!) Golf GTI driver to issue a "7-day wonder" for no reason whatsoever while complaining about under-manning in the same breath.
Re: Ex Job Cars - Stuart B
It is probably like most cars, you will find some who have bought one and are well pleased, and others who swear never never again.

I just think that the force put cars to all sorts of stresses which no one else would. For example there was a problem with Grandads (I think) because the car would be parked up on a pig perch and suddenly get a call, ie your dinners ready, and of course off they would go at full chat. The camshafts did not get sufficient oil in time and increased wear resulted.

As another example I relate an old tale re the Met who had a problem with wedgie Princesses cracking in the middle, literally the bodyshell just split. Investigation revealed that it was the fault of the diplomatic and royal protection squad. Basically when parking at a job these Princesses were being bounced up enormous kerbs when full of gigantic plods all armed to the teeth.

The moral of this is that I guess it all depends what job the boys in blue have been doing with the cars. Now what about the Chief Constables Jag! Not too many burger stains in that methinks!
Re: Ex Job Cars - Bob
I am lead to believe that the "plod" will not sell off any car without putting right any mechanical faults which the cars may have. so if you can live with the butchered interiors these may not be a bad bet.
Re: Ex Job Cars - Dai Watchalowski
News from a Volvo dealer.

Early "Job" T5 had to have their brake discs replaced with Competion discs as the OE ones were not up to the jobs. I have heard rumours of weak Auto boxes which were either replaced at £3k per unit or sold on through auctions before the cars had come to their usual life mileages. At least one Police T5 around here ended up in flames at the roadside only to be replaced with a Volvo fleet T5 estate on the grounds of "they all do that, guv....."
Re: Ex Job Cars - Dai Watchalowski
Watchalowski dy fysedd.
Re: Posting in silly languages - Stuart B
Dai Watchalowski wrote:
> Watchalowski dy fysedd.

Så vad har din fingern till göra med den?
Re: Posting in silly languages - Dai Watchalowski
something like that............!
Re: Posting in silly languages - honest john
West Oxfordshire Motor Auctions is the place for this sort of kit (see auction directory). The cars coming through now are old shape V70 T5s. You get the occasional Kent or Hants one at BCA Blackbushe. Hants use automatics because they get twice the front tyre life out of them as from manuals (13k instead of 6.5k).


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