Ford Focus ST-2, 2007 model - Battery drain question? - cheddar


My Focus ST-2 has been in the garage having its steering rack replaced and a battery drain issue investigated. Twice in the last four or so months the battery has been dead first thing in the morning.

Each time the AA have attended, jump started it and advised that the charging system and battery are fine and quite understandbly the dealer has been unable to replicate the fault.

However it is clear that there is an intermitent fault causing the battery to drain in 36 hours or so.

There are some systems that stay active for a while even after that car is locked, for instance the dash LCD's only go off after 15 minutes, though I think I would have noticed if the dash was still active when walking past the car.

My only other thought is whether this could happen if I had forgotten to lock the car on both occasions?

Any other ideas?

The car is keyless by the way.

Many thanks.


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