Fiat Punto revs on its own - puntoo
I have a fiat punto 1.2 year 2000 that has an intermittent problem. While idling in traffic it revs to what sounds like 5000 revs on its own accord. The only way to cure the problem is to take it on a long run.

The local dealership cant find the fault so they cant fix it, FIAT uk dont know of the problem either. I know that this isn\'t limited to my car as the dealership have confirmed that others have the same problem (and they have not been able to fix there cars either).

Does anyone know what the problem is ? Does anyone have the same problem ??
I do not own a Punto but I have seen numerous posts on other forums of people describing this same problem.

If this is an intermittent fault I do not doubt that the dealer could not reproduce it at the time, however, I do not beleive that this has not been seen before, OR, that no one knows the reason for it. Nor do I believe that Fiat UK have never heard of it.

Please let me know if you cure the problem, I would be interested to learn the reason as well.

I am writing to Fiat UK so I will keep you posted. I am an ardent conspiracy theorist, so I believe that they are aware of the problems but are covering themselves, probably an expensive part with a design fault. (note this is only my personal opinion).

Pete - What forums have you seen similar incidents on (the bigger the stick, the harder I can beat Fiat UK with !!)

Write to Fiat UK by all means but I doubt you will get any sense out of them.

Fraid I cannot remember which sites I saw the references on, I just remember having seen several examples of the same symptoms being described. I remember that one was a woman and I asked her to let me know if the problem was cured. Needless to say, I never heard any more.

Fiat Punto revs on its own - autumnboy
Working for a company whom I can't name, dealing with Fiat's. I think they are telling you porkies, its a common problem of the punto's and other models using the 1.2 , one way to try is disconnect the battery, but first besure you have the radio code, then reconnect. This should reset the computer.

If not, challenge your dealer and Fiat UK, because in yr 2000 and 2001 it was a common fault just requiring the computer to be reset or maybe a fault in the metering circiut.

Good Luck
Fiat Punto revs on its own - Graham Nightingale
I dont know if this is relevant, but I used to own a Cavalier with the 2.0 Ecotech engine that used to do a similar thing. Turned out to be a dodgy idle air control valve - try cleaning it out with some carb cleaner (if yours has one).

Im sure one of the geniuses who post on here will be able to help further.


Fiat Punto revs on its own - Carl2
I,m with Graham on this one
Fiat Punto revs on its own - Pete
Thank you for your reply Autumnboy, we appreciate the confirmation. Would be happy to hear from you at any time. Pete,
Fiat Punto revs on its own - puntoo
Thanks Autumnboy, you are a star. The problem has not reoccured since visiting the dealership leading me to wonder if they have reset the ecu and not told me.

As for the carb cleaner, the engine is single point fuel injection so would it still work (do you just squirt it in through the airbox ?)

Aside from the above I added some slick50 engine cleaner (doubt it made much difference) and have been filling up with only Shell (normal not optimaz) and not the normal supermarket fuel.

Now only two problems left, the sloshing sound from behind the dashboard on startup and the annoying squeak from the rear suspension....
Fiat Punto revs on its own - USIN
Hi, I had this problem. When mine reved it would have gone all the way, kill ignition to stop!

Took it in the a fiat garage, put it on the tester, intermitent fault, nothing logged, didn't happen. That will be £30 please.
(Oh, we can rebuild the engine for about £650 though, it might help).

When they tried to drive my car out of the workshop, it wouldn't start. Put the tester back on, intermitent faulty injector.

One £65 injector later, no problems.


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