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Hi people

My first post and i really need help prepare for a long post grab a tea or something :)

My history which relates to my choices, my last car was a mondeo 2.0 ghia on an 02 plate, eat petrol for fun also had to have the clutch done i only had the car for a year i was obviously had and i have to admit didn't research and just jumped into buying the car over priced @ £3k about 3 years ago it was a nice car but obviously got put off a ford by my experience even though it was my own fault in a way we ended up selling it for less than we paid and ended up buying a 97 golf TDI which has been superb for me and my family sails through MOT's etc and still going strong...

Now my problem i have a small family me the missus my boy aged 9 and a girl aged 5 we all fit rather well into the golf but we are planning having a third so we need a new car..

The missus wants a car with 3 proper seat belts in the back so i have been looking into the diesel passats and they seem to be ok with our budget of around £2.5k but i kept seeing really good diesel mondeo's going for a good price and around 2-3 years newer than passats in my price bracket? So the question is which would you buy?

I also have to say being the man of the house my missus makes all the decisions obviously :D and she is very agaist the mondeo but i know how good they can be and one bad experience should not put the both of us off?

thanks for any advice


ps forgot to add i wanted a golf mk4 which is obviously to small so was looking at the bora's but alas no middle rear seat belt so missus said no lol

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passat v mondeo - Which car help - Boulder2k9


To be honest its always going to be tough to find a newish diesel car on your budget that hasn't been driven halfway to the moon.

The Passat is the 'premium' car here and for the most part they are reliable they could, however be epensive to fix should something go wrong. Also being that 'premium' car they usually cost more to buy. Its been said that the 1.9 TDI 130bhp engine in the Mk5 Passat was one of VW's best engines for performance/fuel economy/reliability. There are many of these for sale in estate form or saloon for around 2.5k but most have high mileages i.e around 100k+. This mightn't be a problem if they have been maintained well and have a proper service history. I have seen some with over 300k on them still going strong (hugely popular with taximen too).

The Ford Mondeo will probably give you more car for money in this company, 2.5k will buy you a reasonable Mondeo with the excellent 2.0 TDCI diesel engine, you could pick one up with 90k odd for about 2.5k and it should run strong to near on 200k with proper maintenance. Remember the Mondeo's are very popular with the Police for a reason.

Were it my money, I would spend the 2.5k on a 7-8 year old Passat TDI with the 130bhp engine. It would probably have high mileage but with a good service history the mileage wouldn't put me off, I think they are fantastic cars.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Good Luck with it

passat v mondeo - Which car help - patters78

hi thanks for your reply

i know its a tight budget i have seen some good looking cars and apart from finding out service history on the mondeo for example seem a good buy

i wanna go with the ford but like i have said VW have done me very well since owning my golf mk3

passat v mondeo - Which car help - Boulder2k9

The first Passat looks like a bit of a bargain and will undoubtedly give you more space than the Mondeo you have shown. To be honest I'm not great with the Mondeos but having owned two VW's with the TDI engine (a passat and a bora) I would prefer the VW, however in the ad you have linked the passat comes with a tow bar, this could mean it could have been towing weighs beyond the limit and put huge strain on the suspension.

This Passat also has the 110 bhp engine too so wont be as quick as the 130.

The other too cars have higher mileages than the first one and will have less space for your upcoming family!

All in all I would recommend going for a estate passat with the diesel engine, if they have high mileages check for a full service history and you should be fine. Maybe some of the other posters here have experience of the Mondeos?

Are you open to other suggestions or just Passat's and Mondeo's?

passat v mondeo - Which car help - Boulder2k9

Heres a few options

Heres a better example

passat v mondeo - Which car help - ST Driver

I had a 97 plate passat 1.8 petrol which had 148,000 on it when I PX ed it for a 2006 Mondeo 2.2 TDCi with 6000 miles in June 2007. Worst thing I have done really after no end of hassle with the car! One of my colleagues has a 1.9 diesel 110bhp 97 plate Passat on 300,000 miles which is still going strong. I really wished I hadn't got the Mondeo. Leaking water into the footwell turned out to be defective air/con after 5 attempts by Ford to fix the problem left me with a £1400 bill which took 3 months of fighting Ford to pay for it I settled by paying £400. 2 failed EGR valves replaced under warrenty, 1 recently done by myself. Ford want in the region of £270 for the part. I used one from a jag x type purchased for just over £100 from a jag dealership! Split boost hose replaced under warrenty. That's it so far!

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The Passat is a better long term prospect than a Mondeo - especially in terms of its fuel system - provided you buy the right one and address the design faults.

The best engine by a mile is the 130 PD coded AWX on a manual Passat. Avoid the 2.0 litre unit at all costs and preferably avoid 6 speed transmissions. These are unreliable and expensive to fix and have almost the same top gear ratio as the 5 speed unit - so there's no advantage.

Water ingress is the real enemy of the Passat. Avoid a car that has ever been wet and google "wierd little biscuit" to find out how to fix it. The fix is cheap and straightforward but takes a couple of hours to do.

If you don't need an estate, consider a Mk 1 Skoda Superb - same car with more equipment per unit cost and a longer wheelbase. I have one which is fine - but I've fixed the VAG design faults.


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passat v mondeo - Which car help - Roly93

Funnily enough I was pondering the same question only with a much larger budget and looking to purchase nearly new.

I would say that in the age range you are looking at the Passat is a far sturdier car than the Mondeo of the same era. Myself and my father both have/had one of these and they were truly great cars with no major issues and superb fuel consumption.

Sadly however the Passat of today seems to get a tirade of abuse in the press and has a reputation for cost-saving build quality and electrical malfunctions as the norm. (Perhaps some Citroen management have defected to VW recently !!)

The only real thing of concern on the Passat is that they have been serviced with the proper 506/507 spec oils as the unique engine design does demand this.

passat v mondeo - Which car help - Trilogy

iI'm always reassured when 659FBE comments. BTW, according to official economy figures the 6 speed, in the case of an Audi A6, is less economical than the 5 speed version.

passat v mondeo - Which car help - nmd87

Unfortunately my mechanical knowledge is quite poor, and this is my first post, so go easy !

I have a Passat on W plate (2000). It’s got the 1.9 TDI PD engine (115) and the 5-speed auto box, you can also change gear yourself but I rarely bother. My car has been in the family for a 5 years or so, my uncle owned it until November when it came into my hands. It is about to tick over to 311,000 miles on the clock. My uncle is a taxi driver so he racked up most of that having bought the car at about 70,000 miles if I remember right. As long as these cars have been maintained regularly then most of the components will last a long time.

The only thing wrong with mine was the occasional loss in power (happened maybe half a dozen times over the winter) when the car is booted from cold that has been identified as a possible fault with the turbo and is fixed by pulling over, switching off and back on again. Only other downside is the thirst of the auto box (20-28 around town, 40 on a run). That said the car makes a great cruiser and has plenty of overtaking power. Decent equipment (cruise, climate control, electric windows all round) and comfortable for long journeys.

I understand that the engines are very durable, one of the other drivers has a Sharan with the same PD engine and there’s over 400,000 on the clock.

If you can pick one up for a reasonable price like I did, you won’t regret it.

Hope this helps!

passat v mondeo - Which car help - Mr Fox

Father in Law had a 2003 Mondeo TDCi 2.0 it had so many things wrong with it that he ended up with a potential repair cost higher than the trade in Value the Ford garage would offer him against a new one, Mileage was 80 000 and it needed a new clutch ( engine out job ) and a new Aircon unit, ( over £ 1000 ) New dashboard switch for the blowers.

Can recomend that you forget all about the Mondeo and go for the VW Passat , as the previous post says, the engines are easily good for 200 + K and there is good spares support ( euro car parts etc. ) plenty of specialists and a good loyal following.

passat v mondeo - Which car help - RaineMan

Our local minicab firm's favourite cars are Skodas. This might be woth an offer:-

passat v mondeo - Which car help - 659FBE

This one is too old to have the folding rear seats. If this feature is important, buy MY '05 or later (10th digit in VIN) but beware that the last Mk 1s had the 2.0PD engine which suffers from oil pump drive failure. Avoid this engine at all costs.

There's a relatively narrow window within which you can get the folding seats and the 1.9/130 AWX engine, so you need to look. The base model is better value and has stronger cloth seats (velour is not durable). Retrofit cruise control if liked.


passat v mondeo - Which car help - patters78

Hi guys thanks for all your replies, i managed to find a car

passat 02 132k 130 awx engine FSH

£2350 he knocked £50 off cuz the window reg on driver door had broke ( easy to fix )

since buying i have replaced the seats and found a working handsfree kit under the dash

very happy with it

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