Audi A3 - Replacing nearside headlight bulb - Hopki

I need to replace the passenger side dippled headlight bulb on my 2002 A3.

Although I can unclip one side of the casing protecting the bulbs, there is not enough room to move it away due to the placement of the battery.

The odd thing is I am sure I have replaced bulbs in the nearside unit before, but I have recently had a new battery fitted, so I suppose it could be marginally larger than the original.

It looks like the only solution is to remove the battery. Any advice/alternative solutions gratefully received.


Audi A3 - Replacing nearside headlight bulb - Peter D

Battery out time. Make sure you have a radio code if yoour radio has one and make sure everything is turned off when you disconnect the battery. After you have reconnected the battery turn the ignition on and wait 15 seconds before starting the car. Regards Peter

Audi A3 - Replacing nearside headlight bulb - Hopki

Thanks for your advice, Peter. I took the battery out and replaced the bulb. Regards.


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