Old for Old? - Don W Brown
I have a Vectra 1.8LS Apr 96 N and done 59k miles in good condition. A local dealer is selling a Primera 1.6 N reg (with ABS) which has done only 21.5k miles by a one owner 'retired gentleman'. Its also good though the bonnet needs respray. They have it advertised at £4695 which is high even accounting for the mileage I think.
I had it in mind to swop and end up with a low miler that I could run for another 4 years thus delaying the new car purchase and over-pricing issue.
The dealer offered £3800 for my Vectra in exchange. Have you a view on the relative valuations and the merits of swop idea?
Regards Don
RE: Old for Old? - honestjohn
Never swap old for old.

An old car is an old car however many miles it has travelled.

A car which has done 140,000 miles in a year will be in better mechanical condition than one which has done 14,000 miles in 10 years.


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