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My mothers 12000 mile 5 year old Fiesta has just suffered a broken coil spring while sat on the driveway, the car has always been main dealer serviced and was bought new.

I see from the net that this is quite a common failure, is a contrubution from ford for the repair work likely?, car is currently at the supplying dealer after being recovered from the drive.

I would assume that the springs should be changed in pairs?

Regards and thanks in advance for any info.

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There is no legal liability for anyone for a car of this age.

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This is a common thing now probally caused by the terrible state of our roads and speed bumps, no matter how careful a driver your mother is then coil springs will break. I would not expect that Ford or the dealer would offer any contribution.

You should be OK just to change the single spring but worth asking the garage to have a look at the other one for any corrosion or damage etc.

Ford Fiesta - Ford Fiesta Coil Spring - 2010Jagman

Just to conclude this thread managed to get ford to take 15% off their final bill as a goodwill guesture.

having the other spring changed at the same time as it shows a surface crack in the same place as the other one failed


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The springs should have cost around 20ukp to 35ukp a pair depending on model of car.


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