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1995 Citroën xantia - Starting problem - luthra

This is my first post because I never had problem with my car before. I have 1995 Citroën xantia, before today it always started in couple of clicks by rotating key to ignition, but today it took 30 min, I don’t know what happened. While starting I have to press accelerator after failing to start and then it get started. Another problem it raised today is, the rpm at standalone position ( not in gear, in standing mode) has increased, before it was around 10,000 not it suddenly increased to 20,000 and then drop slowly to 10,000 and again rouse to 20,000 like I’m pressing and releasing accelerator again and again. So whats the problem, is it with starter or ignition or battery (but it seemed fine). Please help me out

1995 Citroën xantia - Starting problem - tdc

10,000rpm,20,000rpm???Probably something to do with the nut that holds the steering wheel! :-)

1995 Citroën xantia - Starting problem - Collos25

I think he means 1000 to 2000 rpm.

1995 Citroën xantia - Starting problem - Peter.N.

Is this petrol or diesel?


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