2006 Audi A6 saloon tdi - water leak - hema

Rear footwell fills up with water. When about 3 inches of water in well it transfers to front well. I ran hosepipe on front windscreen and water leaks in and I think runs down a channel in the floor plan to the rear. Cleared what debris i could but have not yet removed pollen filter as its awkward to get at. Earlier A6's had problems with water under blocked drain plugs that were under the battery but that is not so with my audi as the battery is in the boot. I do not have a sun roof.

Any suggestions where the water could be getting in would be much appreciated

2006 Audi A6 saloon tdi - water leak - Peter D

The later models still suffer form blocked plenum chamber blockages. PM me or post you email address and I'll send you the diagrams and the drain points. Regards Peter

2006 Audi A6 saloon tdi - water leak - parkik


i have exactly the same problem here.

audi dealer charged me £138 for 1 hrs labour to resolve, but they couldn't guarantee 100% fixed................still leaking but not as bad as before, still annoying though!

desription and diagrams like before would be great.


Kevin, kparkinson@clearviewhomes.co.uk

2006 Audi A6 saloon tdi - water leak - Simon Tovey

I realise you posted your help a while back but if you send me the info as I think I have the same problem. Centre drain is clear but there must be another drain on the passenger side that is possibly restricted. My email is Simon.emma22@blueyonder.co.uk.

regards simon

2006 Audi A6 saloon tdi - water leak - dieselnut

If it's the same as the Passat with the pollen filter laying flat on the passenger side bulkhead it will be the rediculous foam gasket that they have decided to use.

It acts like a sponge, as foam does, & conducts water by capilliary action into the fan below then under the carpet & the route you have already found.

The Passat has the CCU ECU under the passenger carpet so this will need checking & the carpet thoroughly drying.

The replacement gasket fro VW is made of soft rubber like self amalgamating tape but circular.

2006 Audi A6 saloon tdi - water leak - 659FBE

I went to some trouble to prevent this problem on my Skoda Superb before any water got in.

The "replacement gasket" from VAG is in fact a length of D section mastic strip which comes with a non stick paper backing in a roll. It's an exact fit in the pollen filter housing recess. The gasket you can see when you remove the pollen filter element is in fact an air seal and is not the one which causes the leak.

The original water seal VAG gasket fitted to vehicles as built is made of open cell foam which both holds the water and degrades. The upturned lip of the body aperture usually cuts right into it. Coupled with hopeless detail design and inadequate drainage slope (especially when the vehicle is parked nose-up in the rain), this design masterpiece is guaranteed to cause an expensive leak.

Blocked plenum drains are a further complication, making the vehicle unsafe, as the servo unit housing rusts through in a pool of water and brake assist is lost. The final icing on the cake is that the ingested water enters the engine and wrecks it. The self-blocking bungs need to be removed so that the plenum chamber drains work effectively with a few dead leaves in there.

Amazingly, "Skoda" have not recalled these vehicles - shame on VAG.

If anyone fancies taking on the "VAG denials department" the TSB is VW branded ref. 443/06 and the part number of the mastic strip is AKD 497 010 04R 10.

I just fixed it - life's too short.


2006 Audi A6 saloon tdi - water leak - madf

Having driven an early A4, I know why I switched to Toyota.

The detail engineering design just makes them a pleasure...

What' is a water leak ?


2006 Audi A6 saloon tdi - water leak - 659FBE

The detail engineering design in an optimally chosen VAG diesel engine (including its control software) makes a Toyota diesel look like a stone age product.

Each vehicle has its virtues I suppose, but I can fix a water leak...



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