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Nissan Almera Tino - Fuel pump problem? - ronniebart

Hi, we have a 52 Reg Nissan Almera Tino which has been causing us some big problems since earlier this year. On starting the engine, it can sometimes take up to 60 seconds before the engine will turn over. When it does start, clouds of white smoke come from the exhaust. When the car is started, it runs perfectly. The problem appears to be particularly bad if cold/damp/wet. One thing that we have realised (and this explains why we've been able to be so lazy about fixing the problem...) is that if the car is parked facing downhill, it starts first time. This is becoming less reliable though as the weather gets wetter and colder..

If the information helps, on one occassion when I phoned the AA to start it, he 'manually primed' the fuel pump (?) and it started straight away. It has been to 3 different garages (including a main Nissan Dealership) none of whom have been much help. The glow plugs have been changed (no difference). Despite several diagnostic tests the best advice we can get is that it MIGHT need a new fuel pump. They quoted us over £2k to get this fixed - considering the car only cost us 3,000, this isn't a descision we can make lightly.

Where do we go from here? Sell it? Fix it? Is there such a thing as a reconditioned fuel pump? How likely is it that it is the fuel pump? Please help, any advice would be gratefully appreciated... We're seriously considering webuyanycar.com!!!

Regards :-)

Nissan Almera Tino - Fuel pump problem? - esza


I'm having exactly the same issue. Same symptoms! Initially it was enough to park the car on a slope. Some time later I had to start using the little manual pump on top of diesel filter (I think ) but now the engine is really difficult to start in the morning despite having the vehicle parked downhill with full tank and manually pumping the fuel.

I have changed glow plugs (as advised by AA roadside assistance mechanic) with no change to the issue. Car mechanics around keep scraching their heads without much certainty on what is wrong with the car.

Of course once started, the engine will re-start without any problem for the rest of the day.

I consider changing the fuel pump but it looks like guesswork and the price of used pump is around £500. Changing the wehicle at the moment is out of equasion.

Ronniebart, if you sorted out your problem then please let me know what it was.



Nissan Almera Tino - Fuel pump problem? - Kazanna
Dear Greg, did you manage to find a solution to your Nissam Almera Tino problem? As I am experiencing what seems to be the identical problem and information or suggestions would be a big help please? Anna.
Nissan Almera Tino - Fuel pump problem? - esza

Hi Anna,

In my case the issue has turned out to be a fuel pipe. It simply got a bit loose at the point where it enters the engine compartment and consequently there would be a tiny bit of air making its way in overnight thus causing problems starting up in the morning.

Fixed for £10 at local Kwik Fit centre.

Nissan Almera Tino - Fuel pump problem? - JosTim

Drill a tiny hole (about 1 mm.) in the fuel tank cap

so you don´t have a vacuum in the fuel tank anymore.

That might help, if the valves in the fuel pump are not 100% anymore

the fuel wil be running slowly back to the fuel tank overnight.

Have a nice weekend, JosTim-the Dutchman from Germany!!


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