Renault Clio - Broken Wheel Bearing - diamondfire

My dad thinks that one of the bearings has gone on my car, as it makes a loud roaring noise 70% of the time when the steering wheel is turned to the right. Does anyone know how much this cost to fix? (I'm a 23 yr old female so don't want to be messed around when I go to the garage!) Also, is it dangerous to continue driving around with it like this? And does anyone else have any other ideas as to what might be wrong?!


Renault Clio - Broken Wheel Bearing - Peter D

Sounds like the N/S wheel bearing has failed perhaps £80 to have it fixed. Have it fixed soon as the bearing can crack and damage the hub assembly. Regards Peter

Renault Clio - Broken Wheel Bearing - Turv


I had this problem on my clio too!, it cost £120.00 inc VAT.

I drove about 2000 miles before getting fixed, but it gets louder (obviously)

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Renault Clio - Broken Wheel Bearing - gordonbennet

Needs careful diagnosis which side is at fault, sometimes once you take the weight off and spin the wheel the rumbling or other sound disappears.

A friend had his Pug diagnosed as one side gone which seemed the obvious one, though in fact it turned out to the opposite side's inside bearing which threw most of us.


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