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Hi all.

Obviously after a bit of help and advise. My mate 2 doors up has a non turbo 2001 version of the Expert van. Recently the electronic speedo has stopped working. I have managed to find wiring diagrams at " " which although not identical have given enough info for me to check out the wiring asa i had already checked the fuse and that isokay.

The sensor has power, 12V, the earth is present as well and the line from sensor to dash is also okay apearing at pin 9 on the dash conector. This is where the actual wiring differs to that in the link above as that shows some 4 connectors while his van has only 2.

I removed the sensor and we managed to measure the voltage at the dash which fluctuated quite a bit but we have had around 7 volts with me spinning it at as near a constant speed as i could achieve.

Didn't occur until afterwards but he has confirmed that the mileometer was working okay and so presume this is also fed from the same speed sensor, also indicating that the sensor would apear to be working.

He is going to phone round some yards but having looked abpout on the internet the prices for a dash is up to £200 which is definately not on the cheap side, hence this post. I don't want to recomend replacing the dash only to be proved wrong and likewise changing a sensor (£40) is the cheaper but in my mind is the least likely of components.

Does anyone have any way we could prove definitely what the fault is or have any advice on the work done/aproach taken so far?

You help is very much appreciated.


Peugeot Expert - Speedometer failure - elekie&a/c doctor

If the mileometer is working,then the gearbox sensor is ok.It is very likely that the plastic bearings on the speedo movement have collapsed which causes the needle to not move.(common problem on Peugeot/renault models).You may be able to carry out a simple test to confirm this.Turn the ignition on then off without starting the engine and take a close look at the needles of the other gauges.You should be able to see a "twitch" of the working needles.I would go for a repair of your existing dash rather than s/hand ,otherwise the original mileage reading will be lost.hth

Peugeot Expert - Speedometer failure - dazzer33

Cheers doc.

Will have a look next time he's in and will even make sure I have my glasses on! Hadn't thought of that so yes, helps very much.

Understand about the lost mileage but was trying to keep his costs down (builder with limited work) and thought a reclaim part would be cheaper. Is this unlikely to be the case?




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