cirtroen saxo 1.1 - central locking system playing up! - carolyn1961

Can anyone help me.

When I click the fob to open unlock the central locking on the car, it has started to unlock but then lock again. It does this several times.

The buttons (what ever they are called?) on the doors go mad. Up/down/up/down ect about 4 or 5 times.

It eventually unlocks all doors except the drivers which I then have to open with the key.

Also the alarm (build in with the car) has just started going off for no reason other then opening the door once locking system lets me in.

Sometimes it goes off when Im just sat in the car. I can't do anything to stop it, apart from just sitting it out.

Will be taking to a garage if need be, but would appreciate advise first as I know absolutely nothing about central locking system etc? So I would like some information/knowledge before I take it.



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