Mazda 6 - Rust issues -body galvanised? - eustace

I understand that the Mazda 6 (2002 - 2007) had rust issues. This is also mentioned in HJ's CBCB.

I gather that this is partly caused by poor welding on the wheel arches, the inner arch not being closed of properly, etc.

Apparently even the Mazda 3 suffers from this, and particulalry viciously in the US and Canada. Wonder whether Mazda as a company has poor manufacturing practices, in this regard?

I also notice that Mazda had a 6 year corrosion guarantee on the Mazda 6 till 2005, then increased it to 12 years from 2006.

Any idea whether MAZDA has made any modifications to the car to address corrosion? Or was this just a marketing ploy to increase customer confidence?

Also any idea if the car body is galvanised? If so has it always been galvanised, even pre-2006?

Any one has experienced rust on a 2006 and onwards model of Mazda6?

Mazda 6 - Rust issues -body galvanised? - turbo11

I owned a Mazda6 04 plate from new. I put 85,000 miles on her in 5 years without any problems. I thought the inner arch rusting problem? was caused by excessive stone chips on the lip of the arch as the rest of the inner arch is enclosed. I had no problems with any rust anywhere on the vehicle, and when the it was 4 years old it had an underseal placed around the inner lip of the arch.This was carried out free of charge by my local Mazda dealership whilst having its 50,000 mile service.

I was so pleased with my Mazda, that with a growing family I purchased a New Mazda 5 Sport 2.0 petrol last year.19,000 miles later no problems so far.

My wife has owned a 2007 Mazda 3 1.6TS from new. Again this has been superbly reliable. The alloy wheels are starting to corrode very slightly. This is from stones chipping off the lacquer and paint.The car itself is as new.

On my own ownership experience I would not hesitate in buying another petrol Mazda.

Mazda 6 - Rust issues -body galvanised? - eustace

Thanks turbo11. That's interesting to know.

Do you normally your car in a garage or do you park it outside? Did you take any extra precautions to keep the car rust free, such as a rust proof under coating, etc?

Mazda 6 - Rust issues -body galvanised? - turbo11

Hi rohann. Our cars have never seen the inside of our garage.They are parked on our drive, as our garage is full of the usual stuff. The only treatment I give our cars isa very thorough polish and wax in spring and autumn(including door shuts etc) . Thoroughly clean the wheels at every wash with a soft bristle brush and regularly clean under the arches with a blast from the hose, especially after a harsh winter with lots of salt on the roads. Thats it. The only car that I have owned that started to rust was a seven year old Passat estate which I purchased as a stop gap vehicle. Within one year it had started rusting badly around the windscreen. Very odd, as I knew the complete history of the vehicle and it had always been well looked after. Maybe just a rogue one.

Mazda 6 - Rust issues -body galvanised? - eustace

Turbo11, that was useful information and has made me seriously consider the Mazda as a potential choice. But I am planning to buy a 4 year old car and hopehully keep it for 4-5 years. Do you have much idea about rust issues surrounding mazda cars older than 5 years old? Do you know of any Mazdas owned for 8-9 years, without being affected by rust?

Mazda 6 - Rust issues -body galvanised? - turbo11

I don't think you should have any problems. My neighbour 3 doors down has a silver 05 plate Mazda 3 1.6 TS( 2 years older than my wifes one)and its immaculate( no rust) apart from a nice dent below the filler cap.

Mazda 6 - Rust issues -body galvanised? - Herr Sandwichmann

Re the Passat, it could have been down to a replacement windscreen. I had a Renault 19 once and the rear screen got smashed. Within a few months of replacement the paint around the seals had started to bubble. Could just have been coindicence but I doubt it.


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