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We change car about every five years, and the time has come, I'm afraid :-(

We've had Peugeot diesel estates for the past 15 years - a 405, a 406 and a 307SW - and we've been happy with them. We buy new or nearly new.

However, we live in the country, and last winter's big freeze was a major problem - we were practically immobilised for a month! So we reckon the time has come to get a 4X4. But we also do long distances on motorways (we have a holiday cottage in Scotland), so we don't want anything that's too thirsty. And we don't need anything big - a Honda CRV or a RAV4 are unnecessarily large. Even a Skoda Octavia 4X4 is longer than my wife would like.

Suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.

Skoda Octavia? - What 4X4 - LucyBC

Subaru Legacy Outback Diesel.

Long experience and commitment to 4WD.

Drives like a car not a truck.

Good performance and excellent handling.

About 48mpg really achievable by a normal driver in normal use - not just a figure pulled out of the air by the manufacturer.

Lasts. We have one on the fleet which has done 130,000 as a pool car since 2008. Not at all sloppy, never had any more than the usual needs for a vehicle that mileage and everybody still loves it.

Value seems to hold up - strong demand for good second hand models in rural areas.

Skoda Octavia? - What 4X4 - rayleck

Skoda Yeti,perhaps?.

Skoda Octavia? - What 4X4 - nortones2

2wd estate with winter tyres would save embarrasment. 4wd is no guarantee of traction on ice/snow - its all in the grip, sideways as well as fore and aft. But I dare say a part time 4wd with winter tyres would also do well:)


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