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Bmw x3 - DPF problems advice please - bear99

Hi all,

Have a problem with my car, for the second time.Background= Its a bmw x3 diesel 3SD. It has a diesel particulate filter. I drive to work each day 6 miles there 6 miles back. It does long journeys fairly often. 400 miles last friday. Yesterday when driving home the engine warning light came on "amber". called the garage and booked it in.

This is the second time its happened- the last in March. last time they changed a relay switch and a glow plug. On checking my oil last month it was right up to the maximum mark so my husband draining some out to reduce it to its normal level.

From what i can gather and what i have read about the DPF on long, up to full temperature journeys the dpf regenerates itself. on shorter journeys it injects fuel into the engine to get hotter and that regenerates it. but it seems on mine the extra added fuel is just going into the engine and staying there.

Im concerned firstly that the oil is diluted and secondly that i could end up blowing the engine up. I intended to have this car along time and now worried that with short journeys im wrecking it.

Not sure what to expect of bmw here, should the dpf be replaced?

Any help or advice welcome.


Tags: technical issues dpf diesels warning lights

Bmw x3 - DPF problems advice please - Andy P

To regenerate the DPF, you need to drive at about 2000rpm for at least 15 minutes, otherwise the extra fuel injected into the cylinders just ends up in the sump (which is why your oil level is going up). It's the combination of extra fuel and temperature that regenerates the DPF - the extra fuel alone won't do it.

I've had my 335d for a year now and so far it's been faultless, but then I do 60 miles a day, mostly on motorways, so it's always running around 2000rpm. In your case, I think you'd be better off with a petrol - it'll cope with the frequent short journeys better than a DPF-equipped diesel.

Edited by Andy P on 27/05/2010 at 09:19

Bmw x3 - DPF problems advice please - bear99

Thanks for your reply, as i suspected ;-(

Do you fancy taking mine to work a few times a week!! I definetly think we should be moving house further from work!!

I wish id known before i bought it, i thought it was like a catalytic converter and just sat there doing its job. i havent had a diesel myself (husband has a diesel- no issues) and i didnt think i would have a problem, i didnt think about it. I sat and read its manual again last night and no mention of driving style or what to do about it or anything.

Cant get rid of the car yet either only had it a year. so i am quite keen to fix this so im not back in the garage every other month!

Bmw x3 - DPF problems advice please - Avant

Take it for a good long run every week-end, and use the performance, so that the DPF is less likely to clog up. You can't be getting much enjoyment out of an expensive car like the X3 if you only do 12 miles a day. Have some fun as well as preventing trips to the garage!

Bmw x3 - DPF problems advice please - SteveLee

BMW products are perfect and cannot encounter problems - please be aware of the above facts before libaling oneself... (care of the British press 1980-2010)

Bmw x3 - DPF problems advice please - mrmender

BMW products are perfect and cannot encounter problems - please be aware of the above facts before libaling oneself... (care of the British press 1980-2010)

Spot on well said!


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