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Renault Scenic 04 - Renault Sceninc Electronic Parking Brake - cecilywoo


Can anyone help? My 04 Scenic has just had a service and MOT with new rear brake pads. The parking brake now doesn't work and I get the audible and dashboard warnings and the red light on the parking brake lever doesn't come on. The local garage have had it back 3 times and still can't fix it. I have now taken it to the Renault main dealer and they have said it needs a new motor costing £750. Is it a coincidence that the brake pads were fitted and now the parking brake doesn't work or is it that they haven't reset or pressed something. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Renault Scenic 04 - Renault Sceninc Electronic Parking Brake - Transplant

Have same problem, changed pads greased cables, checked workings everything ok, took for test drive. Customer took car out. Returned next day with "parking brake fault" Connected Analizer "no codes present" . Pressed reset codes as a recourse return with "no codes present". Dash lights show "parking brake fault". Customer took car to filling station, Almost immedately phoned to say handbrake would not release. Went out to station pulled emergency release and both returned to garage. Motor was in good working order, cables free everything should have worked. Reset emergency release and tested unit, working on test bench. Reinstalled unit and back to square one. Took car to local Renault dealer, to be told motor failed needs new £630 +vat. On our way to bring car back unrepaired and customer and myself totally discusted with Renault. Transplant.

Renault Scenic 04 - Renault Sceninc Electronic Parking Brake - madf

I'm sorry but given Renault's long and well publicised inability to make electrical items reliable,a Renault with an electrical parking brake is tempting fate..

Renault Scenic 04 - Renault Sceninc Electronic Parking Brake - cyberjack

Hi ... i got a 2004 renault scenic 20l 16v in for an mot failure .. the usual things ... track rod end balljoints cv boot etc.. last on the list was an imbalance in the service/ parking brake ... this is now a major issue with the car .. the service brake when applied was making a racket as well as all sorts of warning lights and buzzers going off on the dash ... total nightmare ... i have greased the cables freed up the calipers changed pads etc... thinking it is something a bit more sinister ...? .. any ideas anyone ? ... don't want to take it to renault .. rumour has it the motors are £600. + vat ...thats the price of the car !...

Renault Scenic 04 - Renault Sceninc Electronic Parking Brake - Railroad.

Renault came last in a very recent customer car survey on reliability. This does not surprise me one bit. What does surprise me is that after all this time and the problems these cars have is that people still have not learned....

Renault Scenic 04 - Renault Sceninc Electronic Parking Brake - highflier
i had the same thing, parking brake fault and check injector fault, sometimes both at the same time, car would not move so would have to release the handbrake manually, strangely tho if i left the car for about 15-30 mins the faults would just go away and didnt reappear for a few weeks! however in the 8 months i owned this car i would say this happened too frequently for my liking!

in the end i just got rid, diognostic tests never showed any fault codes so it was impossible to get a repair done, it seems that this is an anomoly with the e.c.u any as already mentioned renaults poor electrical systems,

so unfortunately the bad news is that it is a very expensive problem that u have got and extremely difficult to find a solution for.

nice one renault!
Renault Scenic 04 - Renault Sceninc Electronic Parking Brake - carr

The electric parking brake was one thing that put me off buying another Renault.

It's all very well putting up with the customary failures of Renault interior lights, electric windows and sun roofs but you would NEVER trust their electricians on the brakes.


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