Tyres on a Vectra diesel - Quinny
My Vectra diesel is in need of some new boots for the front.It currently has Dunlops on,which I don't like as they squeal on corners.The pressures are ok,but it's been like this since I bought it in February.As I do a lot of private mileage,(17k per annum)I would like a hard wearing tyre.What opinions or experience do all of you have,as to what I should use?
Tyres on a Vectra diesel - prm
Michelins, they last for ages but are expensive. I've recently put Barum,s on mine,made by Continental £36 each from National Tyre inc valve & balance 185x14.
Tyres on a Vectra diesel - John S

I was most impressed by the Michelin Pilot HX on my old SRi. Quiet, wore well and held wet grip to the last. The previous tyres were Dunlop Sport 200, and I was glad to be rid of them. Very poor wet grip once more than half worn.


John S
Tyres on a Vectra diesel - madf

for tyre tests.
They rate Michelins best..
Tyres on a Vectra diesel - Dave_TD
I run on Michelins all the time, they grip, they don't squeal like the OE Firestones (so much so it got embarassing on roundabouts!) and they last at least as long as any other.
Tyres on a Vectra diesel - Cyrill666 {P}

I've got Continental Premium Contacts (16 205 55) on the front of mine, cost around £120 in total for the pair. I've used Premium Contacts for a while now on two different cars, fantastic grip in all conditions. On my last car (Rover 214) I got around 25k miles out of a set of 4, swapping front/back when the tread dictated. On my Vectra Di Estate, only time will tell - only had the car and tyres for a couple of months.

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Tyres on a Vectra diesel - RogerL
Michelins don't seem to suit modern Vauxhalls. I had Michelin Energy XH1 fitted from new on my 2000 Astra but they wore very quickly and were noisy. I'm now using Goodyear NCT5 which are quieter, wearing better and about half the price.
Tyres on a Vectra diesel - robZilla
I'd have to disagree with you there. I had four Michelin Pilot Exalto (sadly discontinued) on my 99T Vectra 2.0 GLS and they were absolutely superb. Excellent in the dry and wet, low noise, low rolling resistance, endless grip and on top of all that, they looked the business!!

I ran them for 11,000 miles and they still had plenty of tread left (I'd estimate almost the same again). Unfortunately car got written off by crazy a drunk Italian in a speeding Austin Metro so I'll never know how long they would have lasted.

Maybe the Energy tyres aren't as good as the Pilots but I wouldn't say that Michelins don't suit Vauxhalls. Incidentally my new Vectra wears Pirelli P6000s which IMO are sh!t (about as grippy as a greased weasel on a frozen pond!), but that's another thread altogether...
Tyres on a Vectra diesel - Dynamic Dave
Standard fit on Vectra's were Firestones. Not sure if they are now though? Have the Firestones all round on mine - handles well.
As for a hard wearing tyre, Vectra's are generally quite hungry on their front tyres. It's also a comprimise between hard wearing and grip. A hard wearing tyre IMHO, would offer less grip.
Tyres on a Vectra diesel - Andy P
For a long time, almost all the tyre reviews put the Bridgestone S-02 and Goodyear Eagle F-1 at the top of the tree, although neither were particularly hard-wearing. When I came to replace the Bridgestone RE-88s (done 36K), I decided to go for the new Bridgestone RE-720. Wet and dry grip is outstanding, and from talking to various people, Bridgestone seem to be best at balancing wear and grip.


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