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00 1.4 Heater/blower stopped working - shadou
My father has a citroen xsara 1.4, on an X plate (which I think is 2000 registered), recently the heater/blower was full on and now has stopped completey.
Any advice/suggestions greatfully received
Thankk you

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00 1.4 Heater/blower stopped working - Dynamic Dave
Burnt out motor?
Failed resistor pack?
Faulty switch?
00 1.4 Heater/blower stopped working - Peter.N.
If its the same as the one in the Xantia, they have a transistor regulator on the motor and the transistors can fail. If you are handy with a soldering iron you could change them yourself. First check that there is actaully a 12 volt supply to the motor, between the thick red and black leads, if not could be a fuse or a burnt out fuse holder, that's what happens in XMs.
00 1.4 Heater/blower stopped working - RichardW
Has the Heated rear window stopped working too? PSA like feeding these off the same circuit on the ignition switch which is not man enough for the job and burns out. Cure is to fit a relay in the circuit to take the load off the switch. It could also be the resisitor unit, there is a thermal fuse on it, and sometimes it just pops for no apparent reason...
00 1.4 Heater/blower stopped working - hendofda

Hi, I've just bought a Citroen Xsara, T reg (2000?). It's a well looked after car with a full service history but the electrics have a couple of quirks, the main one being the heater doesn't come on.

I've had the centre panel and the heater control unit out this evening, and my friend has tested the wiring with a voltmeter and we've determined that there's no power going to the fan control box (the thing with the three knobs on it for heater speed, cycled/recycled air and vent direction). He says that's the limit of his knowledge really,

I've heard older citroens are plagued by faulty ignition switches. Is there a way I can test to see if this is the case before I go spending money I don't really have on possible wild goose chases?

00 1.4 Heater/blower stopped working - elekie&a/c doctor

First place to start is to check for a power supply at the motor.Remove the underdash plastic panel ,below glove box,on passenger side.Locate the heater blower motor and check for power to the thick red lead on a multi plug attached to the motor.The engine needs to be running for this test.hth


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