98 1.9 Diesel wont start when neither hot nor cold - iainnicol
My non-turbo 1.9D starts fine first thing in the morning, and if it's left for an hour or so, it's also ok.
The problem is when the car has been left for 4 - 8 hours, then it can take up to 4 attempts to start. It cranks fine, and it seems to make no difference if I keep my foot off the accelerator or press down on it - I seem to have to crank it doe 10 seconds, switch off, try again (after the glowplugs have heated, and eventually it will start.
There again, sometimes it starts on first turn of the key!
Given the above, I'm reasonably sure it's not an air leak into the fuel system. - but then again I'm not very clever!
98 1.9 Diesel wont start when neither hot nor cold - Peter.N.
When you park it at night, is it sloping downhill? If so that could be masking the effect of air ingress. Next time it wont start, pump the primer until its hard and try again, if it starts, its air. The only other thing that I can think of is a sticking fuel solonoid valve.

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