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peugeot 205 sagging door - studebaker
Having just bought a basic 1 litre 205 for my son at a very basic price the one thing that is niggling me is that the driver's door has dropped. It still shuts ok but it isn't right. Is there a straightforward way to sort this out or do I just live with it?
By the way does the 954cc XE engine have a cambelt? and if so when should it be changed?
peugeot 205 sagging door - Richard Hall
Dropped door probably due to worn hinge pins. IIRC the 205 has non-adjustable door hinges, so proabably best to ignore it.

The 954 engine has a cambelt, and it should be changed tomorrow morning. (If you don't have any evidence of when it was last done - official recommendation was 60K)

Richard Hall
peugeot 205 sagging door - studebaker
Many thanks Richard. I'll get he cambelt done asap!
peugeot 205 sagging door - Andrew-T
Worn hinge pins - depends on the age of the 205. IIRC early ones had interference-fit roll-pins. From about 1990 on the hinges had plain-shank Torx bolts which can be fairly easily replaced given suitable tools. However [assuming the doors/frames have not been distorted] the wear may have been on the hinges as much as the pins. Good luck.
peugeot 205 sagging door - Andrew-T
About the 954cc engine - again it depends on the age. Up to 1988 (E) 205s used the XV engine which had a chain; from then until H (when 205s no longer used a 954 cc) the TU9 engine used a belt. Doesn't really matter - any garage you ask to change it may just laugh!
peugeot 205 sagging door - Brooky
The sagging problem is dead simple. A trip around a modern car plant is a real eye opener. Door fit is still done by grunt. Door fit OK except top rail (this would lead to wind noise) - wind glass bown, glove on, bash top rail with palm of hand. Door too low (your problem) wood under door, effectively trolley jack under wood, and lift.
As it happens I had a 205 Diesel in a couple of weeks ago with exactly the same problem. Happy punter in 2 mins max. Soft wood under external skin. Door as closed as possible - to bend hinges in correct direction, and lift.
peugeot 205 sagging door - rg


But probably the only solution.

My ancient 405GRD had a door drop at 88k in 1994, which is now quite "serious" at 250K. The door still shuts and there is no wind noise. No serious problems with striker pins, etc.

Various sources say do not attempt to replace the door pins (interference fit) as they shear and then need to be drilled out. arrggh. No room to wield a drill. The only sound route would be to grind off the old hinges and weld new ones on. It makes the trolley jack option look sensibile.


P.S. Terry B if you are reading this, how come your XM autobox survived transcontinental caravan towing? Did you fit a new one after every trip?


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