04 1.8 Dashboard & heater panel illumination bulb - Norman77
Some of the night illumination bulbs have gone on the instrument cluster and heater control panel. Does anyone happen to know the bulb type and wattage. I have looked in the Haynes manual and it doesn't mention these.
They are capless and all in plastic holders but i cannot read what was originally on the bulbs.
I would guess but dont want to cook anything plastic.
Many thanks.

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04 1.8 Dashboard and heater panel illumination bul - jc2
Ford dealer???
04 1.8 Dashboard & heater panel illumination bulb - Dynamic Dave
Most likely they're a combination of 286 wedge (or capless) bulbs, and 504 or 512 wedge bulbs.


You can also buy them already mounted in their holders

As said though, your Ford dealer should know the wattage of the bulbs.
04 1.8 Dashboard & heater panel illumination bulb - Norman77
Thank you for your replies. I dont have a Ford dealer close by and was hoping to pick them up from a local factors if they were a common spec. Have found Ford expensive for sundries in the past,and only helpful if you were purchasing from them. Will give them a ring and hope they still have Christmas spirit.

Kind Regards.
04 1.8 Dashboard & heater panel illumination bulb - Norman77
Just a quick update.
All the bulbs used are 286 type (1.2w/12v capless panel bulbs)

They are mounted in plastic holders and the bulbs can be pulled out and changed without the need to buy the complete bulb/holder

There are 5 in the instrument cluster, 4 in the heater control panel and 1 for the cigarette lighter illumination.Took about an hour to change them all. Just make sure the metal legs of the bulb of which there are two point slightly inwards towards the centre of the bulb. I put the dash back and two bulbs did not light because the legs had been set pointing towards the outside of the bulb and did not make contact inside the holder.