08 1.9 Dual Plate Clutch Problem - Spanner23
With the onset of winter weather clutch judder started on my 2008 model pre SEAT owned Altea XL 1.9Tdi at about 8K. The dealership will fit a new clutch on warranty after Christmas. Major work at this mileage is not a good start. I am dreading the problems which may follow this work, broken parts, missing fixings, rattles, exhaust leaks and OBD2 faults. I know from experience that even with a good technician on the job I will be very lucky if I get only one additional defect after the work. I had seriously thought of getting rid of this vehicle.
08 1.9 Dual Plate Clutch Problem - Altea Ego
Dont. Someone on here had exactly the same and its gone on to work fine for another two years. Its not that major.
08 1.9 Dual Plate Clutch Problem - BobbyG
What are the symptoms of your clutch judder?
My Altea XL seems to judder when pulling away in first , most noticeably from cold but most of the other time there is no problem?