04 1.4 Engine losing power - Tigger2703
You'll have to excuse me as I know barely anything about cars and maintainance, so my explanations might be a bit unprofessional!!

For about a year, at random intervals the car has felt like it's lost a little power, but almost immediately rights itself again. No warning lights come on, and people in the car can't notice it it's so slight. It feels like engine braking to me, but has not caused any major problems. However on the way to work on Friday, it had a major hiccup! I was doing about 45 up a slight hill in 4th, when again I got this feeling like engine braking. This time though, it took me from about 45 right down to 20 and the handbrake and battery lights flashed on (for about a second).

Although the weather is cold now, it was doing it when it was much warmer and my local Peugeot garrage don't have a clue why. It's not in any particular gear, or low revs, it's not when the engine is cold (the last incident was after 15mins at 70 on dual carriageway followed by 1/2 hr cross country!!) its not when the fuel is low, I've done all the basic maintainance and had the antifreeze replaced and before I take it back for peugeot to bleed me dry I wondered if anyone had any ideas I could try, or had experienced and sorted similar?!!

Grateful for any help, could do without a massive car bill so close to xmas!!