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07 2.7 Non-Porsche vs Other brand Brakes & Discs - PorscheSi
Hi general question,

If you aren't using your porsche boxster around the track is t OK to swap the brakes and discs with non-porsche parts if they are suitable and to the same standard. Also is it OK to use an autocentre rather than a porsche dealership to replace pads and discs.

There is a reccession on but I don't wat to damage my car or its value.

07 2.7 Non-Porsche vs Other brand Brakes & Discs - Cris_on_the_gas
I must admit when it was time to change the discs on my 2002 986 Boxster due to that very nice MoT tester saying the brake discs were excessively corroded and needed replacing I went for genuine Porsche parts & fitted them my self which was an easy job and saved £400 on a labour bill. I would say buy the genuine Porsche parts as brake components are "mission critical" and get a competent mechanic to replace them if you don't fancy doing it your self. Its actually very straightforward to change both pads and discs
If your Porsche 987 is an 07 then you must only just be out of warranty which seems very soon to be replacing discs or are you just replacing the pads cos they are worn. If the discs are not scored or worn excessively then no need to change it. If they are then dependant on mileage I'd have a word with the dealer for a good will payment
07 2.7 Non-Porsche vs Other brand Brakes & Discs - spikeyhead {p}
Porsche don't make brake pads and discs.

You can buy the same parts that Porsche sells elsewhere for a lot less, shouldn't take Mr google too long to tell you what and where to buy.

Fitting is easy, there are even instruction videos out there, I think on youtube, but if not, a quick google should also sort that out.

However, if your car is on the Porsche extended warranty then you'll need to buy the parts from Porsche and check the terms before deciding who can fit them.
07 2.7 Non-Porsche vs Other brand Brakes & Discs - WorkshopTech
Many years ago I used to work for a Porsche dealership and still service a couple of Boxters. Parts quality is not as good as Porsches of old. In fact most mech parts are similar to VW parts. Yes you can use aftermarket brakes no problem at all, just stick to oneof the well known German brands.
07 2.7 Non-Porsche vs Other brand Brakes & Discs - jansengeorge

I was wondering the process of changing the brakes on the Cayenne's, and what is required. I have installed full brake kits on other cars in the past as well as brake pad changes. The dealer said my <a href="http://www.drivewire.com/make/cat/brake-pads/porsche/">Porsche brake pads</a> needed to be replaced soon, and want to charge me $900 to do it. I said f*** that I can do it myself. Is it true when replacing the pads, that every brake pad sensor wire needs to be changed? Also, my buddy told me it requires a special tool. Is this true? If so were can I order the tool from? Do I have to reset any thing in the menu of the car after the swap? I found the brakes, and sensors on advanced for a little over $200 for everything. I did use the search button, and could find anything. Thanks in advanced

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07 2.7 Non-Porsche vs Other brand Brakes & Discs - Cris_on_the_gas

Its easy to change the brake sensor wire it just connects to the car with two wires and a connector. The connector is shaped so you can only put in one way , although a reversal would not make a difference as I think its just a metal contact switch for when the pads are worn.

$900 seems a lot just to change the pads, for that price I would wanty the discs changed as well.

It doesn't need a special toll unless your buddy is refering to a large hex key. I think its a 12mm one from memory. I actually brought one and it only cost a a few pounds.

Nothing to rest as far as I know.

Good luck

07 2.7 Non-Porsche vs Other brand Brakes & Discs - Collos25

Genuine front and rear discs and pads cost £700 or cheaper better made copies can be had much much cheaper.


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