97 1.1 Heating dilemma - helmet
Now I probably know the answer to this, but I thought I would throw it open to you guys.

Friends girlfriend has a 97 Fiesta, and it is blowing cold air when the fan is switched on, however the temp gauge goes up at the same time.

97 1.1 Heating dilemma - piston power
Is the matrix blocked? is the heater valve seized? is there enough coolant|?
97 1.1 Heating dilemma - helmet
Your 3 thoughts have one of the 2 ideas that I thought.

Despite it's age,it is regularly serviced, so I would guess that the low coolant is maybe not an option.

The other 2 are exactly what I thought, although i'm leanong towards the common Fiesta problem of a knackered control valve.

I'll re-post in due course, hopefully at the weekend.
97 1.1 Heating dilemma - Rattle
Is the MK3 or MK4?

If its the MK3 the gear linkage was mechanical and this does not suffer from the heater valve problems the MK4 did.

They did not make any 1.1 MK4s but they did still sell some left over 1.1 MK3s in 1997 so I suspect this is the last of the MK3s.
97 1.1 Heating dilemma - helmet
Problem now sorted. It was the control valve, and my mates girlfriend is now all toasty.

Took him all of half an hour to fix, and got the valve new from the local motor factors for £25. Guy says he keeps them in stock, as he gets lots of sales from them.


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