03 1.4 Changing the oil myself - 007
This is something which I have not done before but I am thinking of purchasing a 'Pela 6000' to suck out the old oil.

However, I am doubtful as to whether I can remove the filter due to possible difficult access and being unlikely to be able to unscrew it without the tool with 'strap' which garages use.

Question...Is there any point in changing the oil if I do not change the filter at the same time? Filter would be changed in six months time when garage carries out the annual service.


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03 1.4 CHANGING THE OIL MYSELF - Robin the Technician
Cars are supplied with a suitable drain plug to remove oil from the sump. This is by far the cheapest and easiest method. To remove the filter, you can purchase a strap from most motoring centres for a reasonable cost. I've had one for 20 years plus and still works well.

Always change the oil and filter at the same time.

Hope this helps

Robin the Technician
03 1.4 CHANGING THE OIL MYSELF - doctorchris
You should also fit a new sump plug washer when you change the oil.
03 1.4 CHANGING THE OIL MYSELF - dieselnut
Clean oil will be better than doing nothing whether you change the filter or not.
Especially if you have been doing short journeys.
03 1.4 CHANGING THE OIL MYSELF - Number_Cruncher
Using a Pela is fine - make sure you get the engine good and hot first so the oil flows freely.

Make the extra effort, and get the right tools, and do the filter at the same time.

While draining the oil from the sump may be cheaper, I don't think it's easier, and I certainly don't think it's necessarily better.

Thank-you all for the above advice.
03 1.4 CHANGING THE OIL MYSELF - SpamCan61 {P}
After 20 odd years of undoing sump plugs I've switched to the Screwfix badge engineered version of the Pela. Primary reason is that it always felt like the thread was about to strip when tightening up the drain plug on aluminium sumps. Like others say make sure the oil is good and hot.

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