- Graham567
I know there has been discussion on internet brokers but was wondering what peoples experiences of are like.I would like to know peoples thoughts and experiences,good or bad.They seem to offer the cheapest prices on the net so i would like backroomers feedback on their opinions.(no slander please) - pmh3
I used drivethedeal and would highly recommend them and use them again without hesitation. A very good friend tried Broadspeed, but cancelled the deal after about 4 months when trying to buy a Focus - that is all I am prepared to say! - Armitage Shanks {p}
I recall that Broadspeed were very busy some years ago when it was a good deal to buy a car in Europe and import it. They had some dealers on the continent and a tie in with a ferry company and they sold you a 'package' of transport to a garage in Belgium (or wherever) you ordered car they supplied it and a ferry trip back to UK. I have never seen them advertise and I do not have the impression that they are big players in the market now. I haven't googled for them and I don't know anyone who has used them.

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I used Broadspeed back in October 2006 when purchasing a new Toyota Corolla. They referred the enquiry to - which is the internet arm of Inchcape Retail.
Absolutely no problems with the purchase.
Broadspeed used to get their funding by earning a commission fee from the selling dealer, and now, I believe, charge a fee to the customer for making the introduction should a sale go through.
This year, when changing the Corolla for a new Auris I went to Autobytel directly. Again, absolutely no problem with the purchase.
Used the same Inchcape Retail outlet for both purchases - Inchcape Toyota, Burton on Trent.