Online Car Buyers. - Newlyn Jethro
I've just looked at two online car buyers who have given me an apparent good price for mine. There seem to be two on the internet, one who advetises on TV. They come and collect your vehicle then make a bank transfer as payment. Seems too good to be true.
Am I right? Anybody got any experience of them. Any advive gratefully received.
Online Car Buyers. - perro
My Sister recently used webuyanycar to sell an old Vectra (VGC) = very efficient + good price.
Online Car Buyers. - smokie
Sold deceased father-in-law's car to them. Price was OK and no hassle, but expect them to offer less than the website prices your car at and you won't be disappointed!
Online Car Buyers. - 1400ted
Offered me £3750 on-line for the £4200 trade in on the Note.