Left/right dip headlights - Armitage Shanks {p}
There is another thread running re high power light bulbs in which it seems to imply that bulbs are now available in right or left hand dip. This seems likely to me in that most cars now have comletely bank smooth lenses and I presume the dip pattern is generated by the bulb - is this the case?

If it is it would seem to be much easier for the car manufacturers to arrange for the bulb, in its holder, to rotated a few degrees so that the beam would change from UK pattern, flat on the right up a bit to the left ,to Coninental, flat on the left up a bit to the right. This could be achieved by rotating the holder about 15 degrees anti clockwise.

Funny old thing, I seem to recall that some cars had a little toggle, years ago, which achieved just this effect. If changing bulbs was easy I would rather do that for a trip across the Channel than mess about with stick on beam deflectors.
Left/right dip headlights - b308
Many still do, AS, my Roomster has a lever which changes the headlight beam to "neutral" for driving abroad and I understand BMW 5 series have an electric version!! I think that the lens is now on the inside of the glass?
Left/right dip headlights - cheddar
Most lights are now generic and it is the bulb position that dictates the dip direction hence the lever, the FocusST has Xenons that can be changed L to R dip by the dealer apparently. A simple switch would be useful.
Left/right dip headlights - Alan Coleman

I have a Skoda Roomster I exported to Portugal. They changed the headlights with the "flatening" bar on the headlights for registration over there. Now I need to conver it back to UK headlights since moving back. You say you managed- can you please say how and if possible provide a photo? Many thanks!


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