96 1.5 Front suspension, wheel bearing & CV joint - jpwilman
I have had loud banging in my front passenger side wheel for some time now. I have fixed the back suspension that was leaning to one side by replacing the whole back axle thingy.
I presumed the front was to do with the cv joint o wheel bearing which i was going to replace from the scrap yard for about £55. I then found the bush on the wishbone for holding the anti roll bar down was perished, so hopefully replaced that(only available a peugeot main dealer) £12. That did'nt sort it so am am about to go to the scrap yard to get the exact same suspension strut, wheel bearing and drive shaft. I say exact because by the sound of it there is every possible combination of different types sizes of bearing, spline etc possible on my 106 XD. Hopefully this will sort it.
Next is the heating, which I should be ok on.
The central locking is faulty and now the passenger side door is locked shut as well as the drivers side rear door. Hopefully not too technical!

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96 1.5 Front suspension, wheel bearing and CV join - WorkshopTech
Best of luck with it all. Sounds like youve got your work cut out there. A 13 year old 106 takes a bit of looking after.
96 1.5 Front suspension, wheel bearing and CV join - Peter.N.
Does it have anti roll bar drop links? If so have you changed them?