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01 1.8 water in passenger footwell - messa
hi as any one experianced water in footwel passenger side it only seemed to happen ever since the bad weather as come maybe 4-5 weeks ago its never happend before and iv had the car about 7 months.......thanks messa......

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 02/12/2009 at 18:59

01 1.8 water in passenger footwel - Peter.N.
It could be coming in through the door. Try shutting a piece of plastic sheet between the door and the sill next time you park, assuming it rains, the plastic will be wet if and where its coming in.
01 1.8 water in passenger footwel - Jcoventry
Could be many things. Quite a common problem on older cars of most makes and models. Check door seals. Check window seals. Determine if its coming through the dashboard or not. If all the electrics are working fine, then its probably not coming through the dash. Could be coming in from behind the scuttle panel - in between engine bay and dashboard. Drainage holes behind scuttle panel could be blocked. Probably doesn't apply to your Citroen, but on older Fords, the pollen filter housing can leak into the passenger footwell. Check which parts of the carpet are wet, is any of the carpet near where the dashboard ends wet? Get someone to pour buckets of water on various areas of the car and see what affect that has. Is the carpet sodden or just slightly damp? Some cars can leak from the boot area, so check all of that too. Is the water clean or dirty? If its dirty it could be a hole underneath its coming through, less likely though. Hope some of those suggestions help you.

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01 1.8 water in passenger footwel - messa
it seems to be in passenger footwel iv felt around the carpet under the dash and around the door it feels dry but you can just see the water it doesnt make a pudle dont no weather its dirty or cleean as its just on the carpet it doesnt make a pudle as to say,i had a pug 306 and that did the same but that got 4-5 inches of water this is just wettin the carpet but you can see it if you no what i mean....
01 1.8 water in passenger footwel - andyp
Its not unknown for for Picassos to let water in through the hole in the roof where the aerial is mounted, it can then run down the door pillars amongst other places and out onto the floor. It might be worth removing the aerial, cleaning both surfaces and refitting with some non setting sealant.
01 1.8 water in passenger footwel - Cardblower

Interesting post, I have exactly that! - water coming in through the aerial.

I only found it as I have just bought the car and the radio had no reception, pulled out the radio - stuck a couple of wires in the aerial socket and Radio 1 straight away.

So I next removed the rear interior light and found a puddle, and a wet inner part of the aerial.

My next challenge is to remove the aerial but there are no obvious bolts, just a round cylindrical unit with the aerial cable going into the side of it.

Did I mention - its a 2001 model.

Can anyone tell me how to get this apart so I can dry it out/fix it and then seal it all together again?




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