Roadside sculpture - ifithelps
Any pics, reflections, rants or stories about roadside art?

I'll kick the thread off with a roadside statue which, despite a shaky start, has come to be well-liked by many people in my part of the world.

Roadside sculpture - henry k
Ring this one up for Kingston.

It needs to big and heavy else it will be nicked.

A bronze statue of a deer by David Wynne, that had been in place for 28 years, was stolen on Monday from Kingston
Roadside sculpture - Old Navy
I have always called this one on the M8 the "Teletubby Trumpet". The link also shows other M8 art.

This one is new, not seen it yet.

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Roadside sculpture - b308
Passed a couple of camels just off the M5 near Weston-s-mare on Saturday... they were obviously not real, but I don't know why they are there?
Roadside sculpture - ifithelps
...Passed a couple of camels just off the M5 near Weston-s-mare on Saturday...

There were some life-like concrete sheep and cows in a field next to the M5 in Somerset many years ago.
Roadside sculpture - pda
Old Navy, I am so embarrassed now!

After I pass the trumpet I always spend a couple of hours musing on what it could be.
Driving lorries makes you bored and something like that to think about is great.
It never crossed my mind that it was a sculpture.
I had made the final decision that it wan an outlet for some sort of noxious gas and have spent the last year trying to see what may be underground to need such an outlet!!
Back to bed to get over it now I think!

Roadside sculpture - Old Navy
Old Navy I am so embarrassed now!

Don't worry Pat, the penny often drops with a colossal clang in my excuse for a brain.
I am sure it happens to many folk, we are all learning every day. :-)

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Roadside sculpture - Big Bad Dave
A few km from where I live there is a Trabant sitting at the top of a long pole advertising an exhaust fitters and on the other side of the river a cement mixer truck is sitting on top of an even taller pole advertising some DIY place.

My personal favourite is the larger than life-size concrete elephant outsite a concrete manufacturer near the airport, and when I win the lottery, it will be the first thing I buy.
Roadside sculpture - Altea Ego
My personal favourite is the larger than life-size concrete elephant outsite a concrete manufacturer near
the airport and when I win the lottery it will be the first thing I

There used to be a life sized elephant made out of concrete drain pipes of various sizes in Camberley. Its now gone alas

I like the traffic lights in Canary Wharf.

Roadside sculpture - henry k
A few km from where I live there is a Trabant sitting at the top of a long pole advertising an exhaust fitters

Just near the centre of Surbiton is a car repair co that has the rear of a mini attached to a wall one level up from the ground. There is the usual comic type graphics surrounding the impact. The sign says something like Crash Repairs here!
Roadside sculpture - ifithelps
.... a mini attached to a wall one level up from the ground....

Seem to recall someone did this, possibly with a Trabant, on the A4 Cromwell Road in West London.

It was an advert for something, was it for a CD by the band U2?

Roadside sculpture - pda
There is the road sign roundabout in Cardiff. We all give directions from that roundabout!
There used to be a pink mini on a roof of a building in Hull but they've moved it now and lorry drivers can't find the industrial estate behind it now it's gone, because of a low bridge coming from the other way!


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Roadside sculpture - 1400ted
Liverpool had it's Superlambananas for some time...125, I think, in the streets and parks.

Roadside sculpture - SteveRob
The pink mini was in fact a pink Cadillac, it was on the roof of Yankee Burger, the industrial estate is down Freightliner Road, I don't think I need to explain what the premises sold but it was way better than McD's.
Roadside sculpture - pda
Thanks Rob, it was always 'turn left by the pink car on the roof'!

Roadside sculpture - Reentrant
Many roundabouts on Lanzarote have a sculpture, some of which are very unusual.

Gallery here:
Roadside sculpture - Lud
Nothing unusual about that one. There's an identical one in the middle distance.

Roadside sculpture - Sofa Spud
There's a roundabout at Cannard's Grave, near Shepton Mallet, on the A 37, with concrete sheep on it. I'd like to see more roundabout sculptures or other art. It doesn't all have to mean anything, just something to see.
Roadside sculpture - the swiss tony
Blue ribbon roundabout Coventry
Roadside sculpture - old crocks
At the junction of the A24 and A25 in Dorking there is a sculpture in the middle of James May's favourite roundabout.
Roadside sculpture - ifithelps
Several steel-related sculptures in the centre of a series of roundabouts on the A66 heading east from Middlesbrough to Redcar.

They weren't there when Google flew over.
Roadside sculpture - mike hannon
The camel(s) beside the M5 in Somerset are a relic of a long-ago Bridgwater Carnival. If you want to see how well the locals can work with glass fibre and the like the Carnival is on the nearest Friday to November 5 every year and well worth a visit if you can stand or sit in the cold for more than three hours. It's very different from the Notting Hill effort and much more of a spectacle.
Roadside sculpture - Alby Back
Does Bridgwater still whiff a bit ? Somewhere in the back of my mind I recall being told why it pongs ( or ponged ) but I can't remember now.....I'm sure one of you will know ?
Roadside sculpture - Lud
much more of a spectacle.

Ah, but does it have the sublime clamour and bedlam, mh? The massive woofers? The new chirrupping and twanging noises at 2000 decibels?

I know you're a Somerset man - so am I by upbringing at least - but, how can I put this? Can they, er, you know, move and shake it in Bridgewater? I will venture to doubt it ...

Roadside sculpture - pda
And in the winter they both have scarves round their necks to keep them's true:)

Roadside sculpture - mike hannon
Sorry for the wind-up Lud, couldn't resist it. They are very different animals - the carnivals that is, not the camels.
The Bridgwater pong came from the huge manufacturing plant of British Cellophane, on the eastern side of the town, close to the M5. Both the plant and the pong are now history.
The firm was set up in the early 1930s with government backing, to provide jobs for a suitable area where an existing industry was in decline. Bridgwater presented the best case for the plant, to replace, in part, its fast-fading brick and tile industry.
The pong was a fact of life for decades and resisted all attempts to eradicate it. The 'plume' normally spread eastwards on the prevailing wind but if the breeze was from the east the whole town smelled it. It didn't stop me considering once buying a house close to the factory and I worked in the town for some years without any apparent ill-effects. The MD of what by then had become British Celanese, or something like that, once told me the smelly element of the cellophane-making process, involving boiling down eucalyptus trees, is so potent that something like one part in ten million parts of air is enough to be offensive.
He was - rightly - highly defensive of cellophane, it is bio-degradable while modern plastic substitutes often aren't, and very suitable for food packaging because it doesn't try to regain its original shape when used for things like sweet wrappings - Werther's Original was a big customer - not to mention for making the original 'Sellotape'. Oh, and (motoring link) he had a very nice early E-type!
There you are, all you need to know. I should be writing for wackypedia.