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Sorry if this has been discussed before - I searched and couldn't find anything.

I am considering buying a 10 year old car with full dealer service history in mint condition. I have test driven it with a list of pointers to look for and am satisfied that it's okay - I'm no mechanic so that probably counts for nothing though! I have double checked with the dealer that it was serviced at and they have confirmed the servicing. Do I really need to part with £250 for an AA/RAC inspection?
AA/RAC Inspections - worth it? - Steve G
I would not bother.
A customer recently asked for a inspection to be done on one of my cars.
The inspector spent approx one hour looking around the car and had a short test drive. I was interested to see just what he found (i was confident about this car).To my surprise he completely missed a parking dent in the front wing (the customer was already aware of this and i had agreed to fix it after the inspection). The biggest shock was he did not look at any of the documents - V5/Service Book/Mot certs e.t.c.
My advice would be to HPI check the car and then spend some time verifying security details i.e VIN tags, Chassis stamps e.t.c. If this all checks out ok then go for it (this sounds like a looked after car -'mint condition/FSH which checks out').
AA/RAC Inspections - worth it? - Dave N
Just don't forget that FSH means it's had a service every year, and possibly no more. It doesn't mean that everything is A1, because lets face it, at 10 years old it's getting well worn, and everything starts wearing out the time it's driven off the assembly line.
AA/RAC Inspections - worth it? - PB
I agree. Have an HPI check, don't be afraid to ask questions and try the following list (I don't recall where it is from):

1. Bodywork for corrosion, dents and scratches.
2. Operation and fit/alignment of doors/bonnet/boot-lid/tailgate.
3. Operation of opening/convertible roof.
4. Operation of all locks, including child locks in the rear doors.
5. Operation of heating/air-conditioning systems and heated glasses.
6. Operation of rear seat-belts/damage to seat-belts.
7. Operation of all window lifts.
8. Operation of in-car entertainment/trip computer/navigation systems. Ensure details of radio code are passed on to you.
9. Operation of seat adjusters.
10. All glass for cracks/damage/milkyness (de-lamination).
11. All lights, including interior lights, for operation and damage.
12. Check carpets and interior for dampness/damage.
13. Operation of screen wipers and washers, including intermittent function (note: some cars are fitted with rain-sensitive wipers). Check blade rubbers for splitting and hardening.
14. Switch all electrical items on and off to check operation.
15. Check spare wheel, tyre and tools. If applicable, check if key for locking wheel nuts is present.
16. Check service record for completeness, including recorded mileage at last service.
17. Check that the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) recorded on page one of the Car Inspection Report is identical to the number recorded on the registration document (V5).
18. Check when next cam-belt change is due.
19. Check if airbag and seat-belt pre-tensioners (if fitted) are due for specialist checking or replacement. See vehicle handbook for details. (This may vary, but replacement at ten years is sometimes necessary.)

AA/RAC Inspections - worth it? - T Lucas
I allways used to rate the AA/RAC inspections.Whenever a customer would get them to inspect one of my cars you could rely on their expertise and experience.Most times they were pretty accurate and fair and knew how to explain the report to their customer.But....in the last 4 or 5 years i can honestly say that with one notable exception(old school AA inspector)these so called inspectors are absolute useless winkers without a clue about what they are doing.AA man on a cold and frosty morning proceeded to lower the roof on a MX5 without unzipping the rear window,result 1 split rear screen."i didnt know you had to do that"The RAC even sent out a plonker that very proudly announced "i dont even work for the RAC im freelance"Guess how good he was.I still think if you dont know what you're at its probably best to get a 2nd opinion,but i dont think the AA/RAC today are what they used to be.
AA/RAC Inspections - worth it? - MancRover
thanks a lot everyone, I'll save myself a couple of hundred quid there and go through the list posted. I've also got some specific check points via another thread.
AA/RAC Inspections - worth it? - Cyd
Why not ask the garage if they'll let YOU take the car to an MoT station of YOUR choice for an MoT. Go to the place you normally go to. Tell the inspector what you're at. Should make a good second opinion and only costs £30.
AA/RAC Inspections - worth it? - Galaxy
Best bit of all is that both AA and RAC inspection contracts are full of get-out clauses so, if they do happen to miss something really serious, chances are that you won't have any come-back, anyway!

I'd keep my money in my pocket.