Brake Cylinder Replacement Cost - navbad
Hey all, hope you can help me with my little problem.

My Focus failed its MOT due to the rear, passenger-side brake wasnt up to scratch.

I took it in to the garage that carried out the MOT this morning to look into this issue. I got a call at 3pm to say that the drum was badly corroded and they had to cut the bearings off to have a look at the shoe and it would cost £330 to replace the leaky brake cylinder's and brake shoe's so that it would pass the MOT.

They had taken both sides off, even though it was only one side that was not working. For me to take my car away and have someone else look at it, the garage are asking for £190 for the time taken for cutting the bearing off and putting new bearings in.

Isnt it normal practise for a garage to call you before doing work that would cost hundreds of pounds. I didnt get a call to say they had to cut the bearings off, I got a call after they'd done it!...should I have to pay for this £190? If they had told me the costs before hand I would have gone else where...

Thanks in advance...

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Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - navbad
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - piston power
Not done a focus but if like fiesta and Ka there is 4x bolts at the back undo drum comes off.

Now if like most centre bearing type undo nut and again pull off drum, however more often handbrake cable is holding on seized or your wheel cylinder is seized holding on.

But this cut? drum off thats the bit im stumped by as it is it's in bits and you need it back best pay for this.

Is this a indi or a fast fit place?
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - navbad
Thanks for replying bigtee

The work is being done at an independent garage. I'm not sure whether they checked the handbrake cable etc.

I feel they should have contacted me before they cut the bearing (or so they tell me) and that's why I'm not prepared to pay for the full amount. Is this reasonable?
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - piston power
You took it to be fixed!

So there fixing it you can't see the problem untill the drum is removed and if it comes off bringing the bearing with it and may have worn shoes, wheel cylinder seized brake adjusters etc it all will have to be replaced.

Seen this many times failed on brake performance but the mechanic does not have a crystall ball he can't see through the drum he said to you probably a wheel cylinder but it may be a lot more.

Cars cost money stick your hand down deeper. sorry.
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - navbad
I did take it in to be fixed, but when does that mean that there's a blank cheque and do what you need to without consulting the customer and explaining the costs/options involved?

The £190 will not leave me with a fixed car though! That's just for them putting a new bearing in - that they cut off without discussing with me. For them to replace the full works it will cost £300

I appreciate they had to take the drum off to see what the problem was. But I would have expected them to call me to say they were having difficulties getting the drum off and they'd have to cut it off and it would cost X amount.

Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - piston power
Do you want them to ring you every time a bolt is seized? or a nut won't come off?

It just does not work like that they have to remove it to see what the problem is and parts that have been there for a length of time get stuck or seized and break.

So yes you will have to pay for it im afraid and the longer you leave it on the ramp you will pay for storage!

Lots of these problems come down to poor servicing whether thats you or not but second hand cars come with problems thats life, garages get very bad names on forums like these when folk gang up on them, it's difficult enough repairing cars yours has some worn items best pay for it you can't drive it as it is.
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - piston power
How old is this focus? what is the mileage?
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - FotheringtonThomas
the drum was badly corroded and they had to cut the bearings off to have
a look at the shoe

What does that mean? What bearings?
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - navbad
51 Plate, 1180k (TDDI)

They told me it was difficult to get off the shaft because it was corroded and had to cut the bearings off..
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - M.M
Parts about £110 from the factors. Problem getting drums off should be expected and easily overcome by garage. Labour at £220 a bit hefty I reckon.
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - navbad
Paid the garage £145 to let me have my car back - with the new bearings

Took it to another garage and had the work done for £120
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - ifithelps
Reasonable result.

Always best to sort these things and move on if possible.

Hopefully you will be confident the second garage will do a fair job in future.

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Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - piston power
, 1180k is that 180k or 118k still high mileage and expect worn brake parts at the mileage you saved about £60.00 in cash but really with the hagling and moving from one to other you dint save that much.
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - M.M
So two different garages did the work between them at a total of £265 with a lot of the work duplicated. Seems to me had it been possible the second garage would have done the whole lot for £100 or so cheaper than the first. Thought the £330 was a bit steep.
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i still have a callous on my finger from 10 years ago trying to remove a balljoint from a 100,00 mile plus diesel ford so i would have charged £500 :-)
Brake Cylnder Replacement Cost - navbad

I would have preferred NOT to have paid the £145 as they charged for new bearings that I'm not convinced needed cutting...

Next thing is to take it for a MOT re-test and make sure the second garage have fixed it!

Next up...cambelt change! £280 sound reasonable?