06 1.9d Slightly Rough Idle - kevinb
Having determined that its unlikely that the EGR valve on my Laguna 1.9dci 130 hp is faulty due to it being a passive device i.e not the older models solenoid operated type I wonder if anyone has experienced the rough idle, there are no warning messages on the dash and the engine does not appear to be missing on a cylinder, it seems to pull as normal and mpg still in the high forties.
06 1.9d Slightly Rough Idle - rozzer44

hi kev, i am experiencing the same problem it only started today ,,at first i thought it was the ignition coils i tested them they seem fine i cleaned them it is now slighty better , but have discoverd there is a build up of dirt in the throttle body housing very simple to fix but it has gone dark now will have to do it tomorrow i am assured that is the problem

06 1.9d Slightly Rough Idle - Peter.N.

I assume 1.9D indicates diesel, if so lumpy tickover if its OK at higher speeds is probably down to a faulty injector.


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