How do you rate your car ? - volvoman
How would you rate your car out of 10 in the following categories ?

Car make/model/year:

a) Reliability -
b) Running costs -
c) Dealer support -
d) Practicality -
e) Build quality -
f) Performance -
g) Fuel consumption -
h) Overall
satisfaction -
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model
How do you rate your car ? - FastShow
Car make/model/year:

Seat Leon Cupra 20VT - 2001
a) Reliability -

10 - not had a running problem yet, touch wood.
b) Running costs -

4 - drinks petrol like it's going out of fashion, and servicing isn't exactly cheap. That and the fact it's really designed to run on 98 RON petrol so needs Optimax doesn't help. Group 16 insurance too.
c) Dealer support -

0 - see the thread 'Dealership Woes' for more info, suffice to say, I've had no trouble with the car and nothing but trouble with the dealer.
d) Practicality -

9 - 5 doors, loads of space in the back.
e) Build quality -

9 - as good as if not slightly better than the Golf GTi I had for a while. Easily as good as an Audi.
f) Performance -

8 - dynoplot puts the car at 190BHP, had it timed from 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds. Only problem is some minor understeer, but this is easily counteracted once you've got a feel for it.
g) Fuel consumption -

4 - could be better IMO, see above under 'Running Costs'.
h) Overall satisfaction -

5 - with the car, I'd say 9 or 10; with the overall experience including my friendly dealer visits, I'll have to go for 5.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model

5 - again, if it wasn't for the dealer, I'd say for definite. As it stands, unless they put together the deal of the century to get me into a Cupra R, I'd never buy another SEAT again, let alone another Leon.
How do you rate your car ? - FastShow
Dealership Woes... thread is here:

Since I whine on about it so much above.
How do you rate your car ? - Obsolete
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Car make/model/year: 2002 Ford Ka

a) Reliability - after 6 months fine.
b) Running costs - excellent.
c) Dealer support - not shining.
d) Practicality - excellent, unless you regularly take more than 1 passenger. It can be quite hard to get into the back seats. No 5 door option available.
e) Build quality - fine. It's a budget car after all.
f) Performance - fine. Not for speed merchants. Very stable, even at 100 mph (allegedly officer), sticks to the road, corners well. Stable under cross winds. Very easy to park. Engine noisy and a bit rough.
g) Fuel consumption - excellent. Average 48 mpg for mixed short and long journeys. Drops to 40 mpg when doing lots of short (2 mile) journeys.
h) Overall satisfaction - lovely car. ) Wonderful design inside and out, modern and cute.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - could well do. Would like a diesel though.
How do you rate your car ? - Scott
Seat Leon Cupra 20VT 2002 (replaced Leon Supra 20VT 2000 model, so I'll comment on both)

a) Reliability - nothing serious has gone wrong...........10
b) Running costs - not bad . Having 2000 model prepared me, and I don't tend to thrash it - mainly motorway driving. servicing not expensive in my part of the world............7
c) Dealer support - used to be impressive, but problems with current car have been very badly handled by them and SEAT..3
d) Practicality - no major worries - combination of this an performance one of my main reasons for buying..............8
e) Build quality - 2000 was rock-solid, 2002 squeaks and rattles much more, and feels less well put together, e.g. glovebox catch has fallen off twice. Major problem was car was built with the wrong gearbox !.............................4
f) Performance - very happy, apart from lack of ESP, which 2000 car had....................................................9
g) Fuel consumption - not bad on my usual routes 32mpg.....7
h) Overall
satisfaction - 2000 car......10 2002 car/dealer/SEAT.....5
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - have recommended SEAT/dealer to a number of people on basis of first car. Won't be doing that any more, and don't see me buying another SEAT.
How do you rate your car ? - volvoman
Car make/model/year:

1991 Volvo 940 se turbo estate (manual):

a) Reliability - 9 (touch wood !)
b) Running costs - 8.
c) Dealer support - 6.
d) Practicality - 9.
e) Build quality - 9.
f) Performance - 7.
g) Fuel consumption - 7.
h) Overall satisfaction - 8.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - make (6)/model (9)
How do you rate your car ? - terryb
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.1TD

Reliability - 10 so far
Running costs - 8
Dealer support - 10
Practicality - 10
Build quality - 9
Performance - 6 but you don't buy a 4WD for performance
Fuel consumption - 6 ditto
Overall - 9.5
Liklihood of buying same again - 9 if I can afford it

How do you rate your car ? - volvoman
Since some of you are expanding on your answers, I'd better do the same.

Car make/model/year:
1991 Volvo 940 se turbo estate (manual) 138k miles:

a) Reliability - 9 (touch wood !) - brake servo only major failure so far.
b) Running costs - 8.
c) Dealer support - 6 from local dealer who left car dirty after service & recommended work that didn't need doing.
d) Practicality - 9. Huge inside & seats fold nicely too.
e) Build quality - 9 - built like a tank & I'm glad of it ! Galvanised so no need to worry about rust.
f) Performance - 7 quite quick for such a big, heavy car.
g) Fuel consumption - 7 - reasonable for size/ weight of car .
h) Overall satisfaction - 8 - nice to drive, secure on the road, rear wheel drive great. Turning circle FANTASTIC !
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - make (6) as the new ones aren't big enough/model (9) might also consider a 960.
How do you rate your car ? - Ian Cook
1994 Citroen C15D van:

a) Reliability: 9/10. It's a basic diesel - what is there to break?

b) Running costs: 10/10. Between 40 and 45 mpg, uses no oil, and servicing is very basic (I do my own).

c) Dealer support: 10/10. Not much needed, so what they provide is OK. Also get most replacement service bits from Halfords or Andyspares.

d) Practicality: 9/10. It does exactly what it says on the tin! - however it's a bit narrow in the cab.

e) Build quality: Ah, no we're down to about 5/10. To be fair the build quality is really OK for a car designed in the early eighties, but rust will get it within the next 3 years.

f) Performance: 7/10 - but I wouldn't want it to go much faster. The brakes are only just up to its 60hp!

g) Fuel consumption: 10/10

h) Overall satisfaction: 9/10

i) Likelihood of buyign another: 10/10 - a racing certainty!

Ian Cook
How do you rate your car ? - Dan J
Car make/model/year:

Vauxhall Vectra 2.2LS 2001MY on 20k miles

a) Reliability -
5 - No serious faults or engine failures but repeated issues regarding air conditioning, fault currently developing with gearbox and clutch. Originally purchased Vectra was so problematic and poorly built it had to be replaced.
b) Running costs -
6 - Insurance not horrific for what is a quite powerful car. Servicing costs seem average for this type of vehicle. Car seems to have a good appetite for front tyres.
c) Dealer support -
3 - Absolutely appalling service from my local dealership. Lies regarding work done to the car on two occasions. Unhelpful staff. Out of 22 occasions where I was to be contacted by them, they only managed to contact me once. Lack of service staff knowledge of the car and how to resolve issues. Car was run out of petrol whilst with them and left for me to collect in this state. The only reason I have scored them 3 is due to the fact they eventually agreed, with the intervention of Vauxhall UK, to replace my initial Vectra.
d) Practicality -
4 - Car is quite narrow but comfortably seats 4 and with the seats in place has quite a large load area providing you do not have an awkward shaped item for that narrow boot opening. I do have to say though that the drivers seat has caused me a few back complaints and is not adjustable as well as you might like.
e) Build quality -
4 - Both of the two Vectras I have owned were built by Opel in Germany and build quality has been nothing short of appalling. Air conditioning pipes exploding, hideous squeaks coming from the seating, trim (both exterior - side skirts/sill protectors and interior - dash holdings, seat components etc) coming loose or literally falling off the car, cable gear linkage problems, stereo problems - display often fails, rear heater element failure. Reads like a horror story doesn't it? You may consider I am unlucky but a friend of mine also with a 2001MY Vectra (though SRi) has had similar problems plus a complete steering pump failure at 10k and serious bearing whine from the engine from 8k.
f) Performance -
8 - Finally, something good. The car is very fast and once spinning over 3.5k the acceleration in all gears is extremely impressive even beating Vauxhalls quoted times for the car. The 2.2 will happily see off a 318i much to their disgust! Usual understeer qualities make enjoyment on the windy roads somewhat more difficult but as a motorway mile muncher the car is well suited.
g) Fuel consumption -
5 - Drinks petrol like a rugby team after an away win which for such a new engine is not expected. Aircon makes a significant difference to consumption.
h) Overall
satisfaction -
4 - If I'd bought a slow 1.6 or 1.8 I think I would probably cry myself to sleep most nights. The spritely and punchy engine is the only thing that saves this car from being rated 2.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model
Zero. Had the car been pleasing I would simply have found an alternate dealer for future business. It was far from pleasing, however, and I know that my experiences are not "one-offs" as well. I would be very interested to see how Vauxhall will ever get any business from myself or any of my family ever again.
How do you rate your car ? - peterb
Lexus IS200 SE - Feb 2002

a) Reliability - nothing gone wrong yet (but only 8k miles)
b) Running costs - comprehensive spec makes the Lexus a good choice - the equivalent Audi would have needed about £3.5k of extras to equip it properly
c) Dealer support - pretty good (but limited contact so far)
d) Practicality - only problems are smallish boot and non-folding rear seat.
e) Build quality - excellent, my only (minor) complaint is that the paint is a little thin.
f) Performance - handling is absolutely perfect, the gearbox is the best in the known universe, the engine is great providing you rev it ;-)
g) Fuel consumption - slightly thirstier than a 2.0/4 cyl, but reasonable for a £20k motor.
h) Overall satisfaction - 10/10. I wouldn't swap it for anything (except possibly an IS300 with a manual gearbox).


PS Shouldn't there be a "looks" category? I get a little frisson of excitement everytime I see the car!
How do you rate your car ? - SjB {P}
Vauxhall Vectra 2.5 V6 GSi Estate

a) Reliability - 100%
b) Running costs - Lease car, so I have no idea
c) Dealer support - 100% - A small Vauxhall dealership with an excellent service department
d) Practicality - 100%. Quick, quiet, comfortable, and swallows everything I need it to on Autobahn blasts to the Czech Republic.
e) Build quality - 95%. Nothing that Luton fitted has broken or fallen off, though some of the components that Motorsport Development fitted in converting what left the factory as an SRi to a customer-order-only GSi are not perfect, such as expensive looking electric Recaro seats that have recently started to squeak over bumps, and which have become difficult to latch when moved in their rails.
f) Performance - 100% - Everything I wanted, with unreal third gear grunt up to the red line at 100MPH, and which makes main road overtaking a breeze (and with a nice noise). A fat torque curve makes for relaxing motorway progress, too, a fact that many a passenger has commented on. Many, infact, find it hard to call the car a Vectra. Period.
g) Fuel consumption - 28 MPG.
h) Overall
satisfaction - 99.9%
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - An easy "Yes" if it were still in production, but a definite "No" looking at GM's latest competitor to the Austin Allegro!

How do you rate your car ? - L'escargot
How would you rate your car out of 10 in the
following categories ?
Car make/model/year: Ford Focus 2 litre Ghia hatch 1999 T plate
a) Reliability - 10
b) Running costs - 10
c) Dealer support - 10
d) Practicality - 10
e) Build quality - 10
f) Performance - 10
g) Fuel consumption - 10
h) Overall
satisfaction - 9
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - 10
How do you rate your car ? - volvod5_dude

Car make/model/year: Volvo V70 D5 SE 2002

a) Reliability -10 its a diesel
b) Running costs -11 its a diesel
c) Dealer support - 10-
d) Practicality -12
e) Build quality -10
f) Performance -10
g) Fuel consumption -11 its a diesel
h) Overall
satisfaction -10
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model 10/10

Can't wait to get my hands on a 300bhp V70R or S60 next year (for a test drive)!
How do you rate your car ? - jud
A 300bhp diesel?
How do you rate your car ? - JSG2
VW Golf '92 (Mk II)

a) 100% until my recent experience with the 'Fast-fit' place.
b) Cheap, 35 - 40 mpg and £40 a month insurance.
c) N/A
d) Fits everything in needed for a weekend away.
e) Can't complain for 140k, no leaks, rattles, a couples of squeaks!
f) I'm no boy racer; cruises comfortably at 85mph on the Mway.
g) See b)
h) Paint is crap, but most red VW's suffer the same fade to pink. Apart from that, still looks as good as most things on the road after 10 years. (IMO the only good looking cars on the road are the ALFA 156 and 147.)
i) Not sure about the new Golf, a bit fat. But for reliability, tip top.

How do you rate your car ? - CM
How would you rate your car out of 10 in the
following categories ?
Car make/model/year: BMW 530dT - 2000 X
a) Reliability - 8 - MAF sensor
b) Running costs - 5 - no need to explain why
c) Dealer support - 10/5 - depends which dealer
d) Practicality - 10
e) Build quality - 9
f) Performance - 10
g) Fuel consumption - 8
h) Overall
satisfaction - 10
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - depends what else is out and about as this was the only car that really suited.

How do you rate your car ? - CM
How would you rate your car out of 10 in the
following categories ?
Car make/model/year: SWMBO Golf Mk3 1.6
a) Reliability - 10
b) Running costs - 10
c) Dealer support - 2
d) Practicality - 6
e) Build quality - 7
f) Performance - 1
g) Fuel consumption - 6
h) Overall
satisfaction - 5
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - 0
How do you rate your car ? - Pat L
2000X Audi A4 TDI 115 SE Currently 27,000 miles, bought new.

a) Reliability: 10/10. 100% reliable so far

b) Running costs: 9/10. Excellent fuel economy (48-55mpg)depending on right foot, but expensive dealer servicing (under warranty)

c) Dealer support: 10/10. No complaints, but then no problems

d) Practicality: 9/10. Big boot, bit cramped in back seat

e) Build quality: 10/10 It's an Audi!! Still looks and feels brand new

f) Performance: 9/10 superb torque for hills/overtaking. handling a bit disconcerting at times

g) Fuel consumption: 10/10 See b)

h) Overall satisfaction: 10/10

i) Likelihood of buying another: 10/10 The new A4 looks like it is hewn from granite! Would definitely have another turbo-diesel.

How do you rate your car ? - Monaro
UK Car

Car make/model/year: Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 16v SXi 2000 (Old Style)

a) Reliability - 10 - nothing gone wrong yet at all touch wood
b) Running costs - 9 - two years free insurance saved me about 3k, regularly get 45mpg, but a piece of broken trim on the seat cost 45 quid to fix and expensive 2nd service.
c) Dealer support - 7 - although I am starting to have doubts
d) Practicality - 8 For a 3dr it is spacious with a good boot - more than I need.
e) Build quality - 7 - Doesn't feel like a VW but nothing has broken (except through ignorance)
f) Performance - 8 - As far as I can see you need no more on UK roads - It can lose you a license in one go I would expect
g) Fuel consumption - 8 - To get better I think I'd need a Diesel
h) Overall satisfaction - 8
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - 4 - Probably go Japanese after experiences in NZ

NZ Car

Car make/model/year: 1987 Daihatsu Charade 1.0 CX (Old Style) 5dr

a) Reliability - 8 - Happily went on a 4k mile trek around the South Island needing only some new plugs, a fuel filter and some oil on the very steep mountain roads.
b) Running costs - 9 - Oil is dirt cheap here, does 45mpg, Petrol is about 40% of UK cost, Insurance was 50 quid TPFT for a year with a 21 yo at the wheel
c) Dealer support - 8 - Free guidance of what I should change at home and how to do it - you can't say better than that.
d) Practicality - 8 - 5dr and swallowed all that was need for 3 people to go touring for 3 weeks plus takes a surf board.
e) Build quality - 8 - Feels rock solid if a bit plasticy - thin steel on body panels though.
f) Performance - 6 - With a 60mph limit it will get lose you your license, and it also went up the steepest hill in the world, when many other wouldn't (in Dunedin).
g) Fuel consumption - 8 - To get better I think I'd need a Diesel (again)
h) Overall satisfaction - 8
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - 8 - Those YRVs at less than 5k HJ mentioned a while ago look great value - might be bye bye Corsa.

Paul C
How do you rate your car ? - Mondaywoe
Car make/model/year: Citroen C5 2.2 HDI Exclusive 7000 miles on clock - bought May of this year.

a) Reliability - 9 - Minor glitch with multiplexing - simple reset following advice from dealer on phone. A few upgrades from Citroen.(No, the suspension doesn't rattle!!!)

b) Running costs 10 - Very low - well over 40 mpg in 'real life' driving. Over 50 would be possible with 'careful' driving.

c) Dealer support 10 - First class. The dealer is listed as one of Scotland's top garages on HJ's website - and it shows!

d) Practicality 10 - Unbeatable. Huge boot, hatchback, Cit suspension, brilliant towcar.Acres of room to stretch out inside.

e) Build quality 9 - Some of the switches etc seem a bit frail - but perfectly OK if you treat them with respect Otherwise, the car is well put together. Paint easily marked by bird poo!

f) Performance 10 - For a diesel, astonishing. Goes like stink, yet amazingly quiet and smooth. Exhaust so clean you can rub your finger in the pipe and come out spotless (particle filter)

g) Fuel consumption 10 - see running costs above!

h) Overall
satisfaction - 9

i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - pretty high, provided reliability keeps up. It's a complex car, so there's a lot to go wrong, but when it's on song......!
How do you rate your car ? - The Watcher
I have two imported vehicles which I imported myself.

The first is an GM Zafira Elegance complete with Vauxhall badges. It is from Holland and their standard spec was better thanthe UK version. I got extra equipment over and above this ie, mats and the cargo net-separator for nothing. I saved £4350 after paying UK tax OTR charges and going to, getting it back from Holland.

It performs admirably. For those who want to know, it is an Opel but even the Vauxhall version sold in the UK carries an Opel ident on the vin plate.

Marks out of 10, 8.75.

My second car is a 320d SE complete with M Sports Pack, M styling, sports seats, sports suspension, electric folding mirrors, cd autochanger, etc, etc. It is to full UK spec and is a dream. I saved £5000 on this one compared to UK prices.

Marks out of 10, 9.0
How do you rate your car ? - Dynamic Dave
Car make/model/year:

Vaux Vectra 5dr Hatch (auto). Nov 2000 (X plate)

a) Reliability - 10/10

Owned 12 months - previously a Vaux lease car. Done nothing to it over the past year except wash/wax and hoover. Hasn't missed a beat. 15,000 miles when I bought it. Now done 27,000. Booked in for a routine annual service next week.

b) Running costs - 8/10

Three new tyres (two worn, and one puntured)
Insurance quite high - £550

c) Dealer support - 8½/10

On the whole, fine. Not had to use them yet for this car, but they have serviced all my previous Vauxhalls. They are pricey though - currently @ £55 an hour labour charge.

d) Practicality - 6/10

It's got 4 doors. Plenty of room inside. My only criticism is lack of cubby hole space compared to my previous car (Cavalier) Glove box taken up by factory fit CD player. Passenger air bag takes up another cubby hole that was there in the Cavalier. Smaller door bin pockets than the Cavalier. Smaller rear seat pockets than the Cavalier. Smaller cubby hole under the radio than Cavailer.

e) Build quality - 9/10

Apart from a sqeaky drivers seat and "easy" scratch paint, its fine.

f) Performance - 9/10

147bhp, 2.2 litre engine. Slight lag from the auto gearbox, but by no means last away from the lights. Wolf in sheeps clothing.

g) Fuel consumption - 4/10

Driven hard = 20mpg. Sensibly = 30mpg.

h) Overall satisfaction - 9/10

Very comfortable. Does what it says on the tin.

i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - 9/10

Probably go for the "All" new Vectra when they are a year old, and it will probably be ex lease again.
How do you rate your car ? - Pugugly {P}
BMW 330d 2000

a) A1 (minor rattle cured first visit in May - ok I only wanted a blast in the dealer's new 7 demo.)

b) Routine Servicing only and consumables - dunno leased car. Fuel as cheap as a hatchback.

c) Superb Class 1. (a phone call to apologise for not filling with diesel when I first had it - put right later without prompting.)

d) No hatch - who cares, fast comfy and enough room for four.

e) Peerless

f) Beyond belief for a diesel

g) ditto but for size and performance.

h) A1 - Sublime (to quote HJ)

i) This one leaves next week to be replaced by another but even then will miss it.
How do you rate your car ? - smokie
Omega MV6, 1998, 45k miles

a) Reliability - 10 so far
b) Running costs - 9, nothing untoward yet
c) Dealer support - 7 unimpressed with 1 visit, OK on other
d) Practicality - 9 all I expected of it, bit large for some car park bays tho
e) Build quality - 9
f) Performance - 10
g) Fuel consumption - 8 quite thirsty when driven hard or towing
h) Overall satisfaction - 9.9
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - very
How do you rate your car ? - Godfrey H {P}
How would you rate your car out of 10 in the following categories ?

Car make/model/year: Honda Civic 5 door 1.6 VTEC 2001 (new model)

a) Reliability - 10 - 100% so far in 13000 miles
b) Running costs - 9 - very cheap insurance for performance
c) Dealer support - 6 - not much contact but detect "attitude"
d) Practicality - 9 - loses one because rear head restraints have
to be removed to use maximum load area
e) Build quality - 9 not quite as good as Jap built Honda
f) Performance - 10 - Excellent nearly as quick as my 1.8 Astra
g) Fuel consumption - 9 - very good 37-40 mpg and I don't hang about.
h) Overall
satisfaction - 9
i) Likelihood of buying same make/model 9/9
Bit put off by "attitude" at dealer as above. Plus I fancy a Toyota Corrolla (sad or what)
How do you rate your car ? - keithb
BMW 330d - 2001 - 11000 miles - bought new in Holland. 5k saving

a) Reliability - 10 Nothing has gone wrong
b) Running costs - 10 Dealer service every 2 years (I will supply French oil) plus interim annual oil/filter change done by myself. Insurance £360
c) Dealer support - Not visited, (except to buy oil filter)
d) Practicality - 9 Small boot, perhaps I should have bought an estate.
e) Build quality - 10 No comparison with previous Mondeo
f) Performance - 10 Phenomenal
g) Fuel consumption - 10 40mpg around town, 45mpg on long fast runs. Improved after approx 8000 miles when I filled with Mobil 1 although I doubt the oil change had anything to do with it.
h) Overall satisfaction - 10+ I love driving this car.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model 10 If I can afford it.
How do you rate your car ? - Steve S
Car make/model/year:

2001 Volvo C70 T5 (Auto):

a) Reliability - 9.
b) Running costs - N/A (co car).
c) Dealer support - 9.
d) Practicality - 9 (no kids, or dogs and I'm not an antique dealer so I didn't need an estate).
e) Build quality - 9.
f) Performance - 9.
g) Fuel consumption - 7 (but very good at 28mpg for a perf auto).
h) Overall satisfaction - 9.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - last two cars have been Volvo's and the enjoyment of the car coupled with the good dealer relationship makes a return highly likely.
How do you rate your car ? - dave18
309 1.4i GLX

-Reliable except bith driveshafts failed
-Cheap, 40mpg possible, good for age
-Not relevant! Although Southport Peugeot will help quickly if urgent.
-It takes 5 and has a boot so its practical. Far more than the Polo.
-Build quality not too good, heater control for example keeps deciding to not work. Central locking dying and speedo wobbles, sunroof is leaking too., But I dont care cos Im a student on a budget.
-Performance is very good for a 9 yr old car with a 1.4 engine. 0-60 10 secs when I really hammered it (as in practically slamming through the gears.) 110 comfortably after its been thrashed to get there.
-Very happy with it considering it was £700
-I like Peugeots and would probably aim for a high-end 306 when this one dies. Although I doubt that would be affordable.
How do you rate your car ? - madf
make/model/year: Peugeot 1.4 diesel 1993 owned from new

a) Reliability - Good: apart from passnger side lower wishbones x2, rear wheel cylinders, clutch operating lever, 2 x accelerator cables
b) Running costs - excellent 50mpg, cheap insurance
c) Dealer support - do all my own repairs now, fair
d) Practicality - fine. easy to service
e) Build quality - good no rust after 9 years
f) Performance - dead slow. OK for town driving. Reaches 75mph very slowly
g) Fuel consumption -50:-)
h) Overall satisfaction - ideal town car
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/ possible

Audi A4 1.9TDI 1996
Car make/model/year: (bought at 70k miles sold at 101k miles from Audi dealer)

a) Reliability -Poor.. 2 x lower wishbones, air con condenser , catalyst - all replaced under used car warranty. Timing belt tensioner not replaced after cam belt replaced and both had to be replaced after a further 10,000 miles, clutch starting to go after 100k miles, New battery required, alloys started to corrode. Slight oil leak at engine rear main seal (£450 quote to fix).
b) Running costs - £200 services, good fuel consumption.. highish maintenance.Repair costs in older age. Part expensive.
c) Dealer support -mixed.. patchy. Good moral support and free courtesy car but..
d) Practicality -nice, comfortable, roomy. Cramped in rear.
e) Build quality -excellent body, suspect suspension, aircon. Engine and gearbox good. Used no oil.
f) Performance - good excellent round town but noisy
g) Fuel consumption - 48mpg v good
h) Overall satisfaction - nice but expensive to run/unreliable
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model: Not worth the premium: reliability at high mileages is suspect. Compared to Ford quality is good but reliability poor. Compared to Japanese reliability is very bad.
A premium price for an unreliable product.
How do you rate your car ? - Andy22
Peugoet 406 (98S) 1.9tdlx
owned 1 year bought with 120k on clock

a) Reliability - 7 - I have to be honest it has never broken down.
b) Running costs - 0 - endless supply of problems £800 spent in first year, and i'm not happy. Just waiting for the next problem.
c) Dealer support - 7 - when ever i've had a problem they've fixed it at varying prices
d) Practicality - 8 - nowt wrong with the boot/cabin and does the job
e) Build quality - 5 - bad, looks like it is built well , very decieving.
f) Performance - 5 - not up to much, ok
g) Fuel consumption - 7 - not the best for a diesel 40-45 mpg
h) Overall satisfaction - 7 - still a good drive and looks good to other people i have pride in my car but they don't know the whole story.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/ possible - NOT A CHANCE IN HELL

How do you rate your car ? - RichardW
Citroen BX TZD Turbo (91J) - showing 94k

a) Reliability - 8 14k miles since I got it, one suspension strut, and a heater hose, and I only paid £600 for it!!
b) Running costs - 12 - 16p / mile ALL IN - even if it gets scrapped next month
c) Dealer support - Wouldn't dare take it near - they'd want more than it's worth just to get in the door (to be fair though, they were able to turn up a set of exhaust manifold studs and gaskets for my 84 Visa Convertible without too much trouble!)
d) Practicality - 10 - it's a skip - so who cares if it gets filled with crap or someone bumps it, it's big, has lots of room and a big boot.
e) Build quality - 5 - well it was designed in the late 70's, and is half plastic, but then again it's still in one piece (more or less)...
f) Performance - 10 Boy does it annoy reps in 1.8 Vectras when you overtake them down M-way slips in a 11 year old BX....
g) Fuel consumption - 10 - 48 MPG average. 45 if you rag it to death
h) Overall - 10 - no down sides
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - about 0 since there are none left. Will have to settle for Xantia I guess.

I just don't fit in here do I????

How do you rate your car ? - blank
Car make/model/year: 1997 Polo 1.9 CLD
Bought 3 years ago with 40k miles, now 96k

a) Reliability - 7/10. Water pump failed at 65k and something in the dash binnacle making the oil pressure warning light and sound, so two tows for 1 breakdown and 1 panic.
b) Running costs - 8/10. It's cost me very little apart from consumables and they are cheap, but the VW dealer's upped the labour rate to £55+VAT/hr, so I think the 20k mile services will go somewhere else.
c) Dealer support - 9/10, surprisingly good
d) Practicality - 8/10 pretty good for such a small car
e) Build quality - 7/10 no rattles and squeaks and feels very well built and solid even at the milage, but the dash, water pump, rear wiper mechanism and now some corrosion make me doubt the real quality
f) Performance - 6/10 not exactly rapid, but does 90 no prob.
g) Fuel consumption - 7/10 45 if thrashed
h) Overall
satisfaction - 7.5
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model none. Don't need another boring cheap-to-run car, but it's done the job well. I'd now buy Honda for an equivalent because I think VW quality is behind others now.
How do you rate your car ? - Tim
Car make/model/year:
Volkswagen Golf GTI 1986 mileage 180k, bought 4 years ago @ 110k

a) Reliability - 10 - only glitches due to (my) incompetence!
b) Running costs - 7 Insurance now cheap :-) Cost £600 to get back on the road after 15mth lay off, other than that great thanks to cheap parts/second hand parts
c) Dealer support - 8 Independant specialist superb
d) Practicality - 8 - apart from now having inadvertently swapped space saver wheel for full size comprimising boot space a bit!
e) Build quality - 9
f) Performance - 9 - Great 0-50, still faster than most up to 100mph. Gets whipped on the autobahn by my 1.6 Leon although seen 130mph on the clock
g) Fuel consumption - c35 mpg. 33-34 if canned, 40mpg if I drive by the trip comp!
h) Overall 8 - great old car to drive with good performance/economy. Handling not a patch on the Leon but its great to find the limits occasionally.

i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - 8 - will go for a TDI 110 or above next though
How do you rate your car ? - blank
How would you rate your car out of 10 in the
following categories ?
Car make/model/year: Mondeo 1.6LX 1999 bought 1 year ago with 20k miles, now 45
a) Reliability - 10/10 until last week, now 7/10 after failed aircon pump
b) Running costs - 10/10 until last week, now 7/10 after £580 bill for above. So far other bills are 4 new tyres and 1 pair of wiper blades.
c) Dealer support - no idea, I won't go near them because they seem like wideboys and I've found a tame local chap
d) Practicality - 10/10 great, adjustable driving position, comfy seats and HUGE boot will take 2 mountain bikes (wheels off) with the seats still up
e) Build quality - 9/10 not up to VW fit+finish but no rattles and nothing fallen off yet
f) Performance -8/10 Impressive for a 1.6 in big heavy car, cruises beautifully at seriously illegal speeds, but I would like more power
g) Fuel consumption - 8/10 high 30's is OK I suppose
h) Overall
satisfaction - 9/10
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model 9/10. Very likely to be replaced with a new shape Mondeo unless I can afford a 3 year-old E Class in 3 years.
How do you rate your car ? - Big John
2001 Skoda Octavia 1.4 16V

a) Reliability - 10 - Nothing has gone wrong. It burnt 1 pint of oil before its first 10k (too long!) oil change, but has not used any since (now nearly 30k)
b) Running costs - 10 - I only paid 9K. Service was cheap, 20k service only £110. Economical.
c) Dealer 10++ - Superb dealer - York.
d) Praticality 9 - Huge boot, excellent front comfort (Im 6ft 4") could do with more rear legroom.
e) Build quality 9 - Nothing has dropped off.
f) Performance 8 - Suprisingly good for a 1.4, especially on the motorway!
g) Fuel Consumption 10 - 45 long commute mpg, 42.5 fast motorway mpg (85mph+ abroad), 50 mpg if driven carefully. Real life economy has been similar to my old Passat 1.6TD!
h) Overall Satisfaction 8 - Excellent except I now wish I had bought one with aircon.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model -
Excellent car except to get aircon you have to spend a lot more money and upgrade to 1.6 8v. I used one as a loan car and was frightened by its fuel consumption, it was also noisy on acceleration(induction roar) . Diesel expensive to purchase and noisy at tickover.

Other possibilities :-
1)Seat Leon 1.4 16V with aircon - I seen this fot £8995! - but much smaller boot!
2)Peugot 307 1.4hdi - I had one as a hire car and was impressed, very quiet and economical - still small boot.

How do you rate your car ? - Johnny20
1995 Toyota Corolla XL 2.0 Deeezul

a) Reliability - 10 It's a Diesel Corolla
b) Running costs - 8 Excellent economy when i drive it well but parts are pricey and insurance is stupid.
c) Dealer support - 10 I Never see them
d) Practicality - 10 Takes 4 mates
e) Build quality - 10 yawn! It's tank like.
f) Performance - 7 Only down point, has a kick once you get it going but poor acceleration.
g) Fuel consumption - 10
h) Overall satisfaction - 9 It runs very well and i got it for free so shouldn't complain about it looking like an old mans car. It takes a lot of abuse and doesn't complain.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - Quite likely, just not with this engine!
How do you rate your car ? - SjB {P}
Looking at the average of the voting in the above threads - mine included, to be fair - most people love their car so much, I wonder why manufacturers need customer services departments?

On a related subject, I'm convinced that JD Powers surveys, and others of that ilk, tell us more about the customer base mentality for that type of vehicle, than they ever do about the vehicle itself!

How do you rate your car ? - Dynamic Dave
On a related subject, I'm convinced that JD Powers surveys, and
others of that ilk, tell us more about the customer base
mentality for that type of vehicle, than they ever do about
the vehicle itself!

I personally don't believe a word of the JD power survey.
It's obvious that the Ford's, Vauxhall's, and other mass produced cars are going to be far down the bottom of the list, whereas the Toyota's, Nissan's, and Honda's are going to in the top 10. Reason, more Ford's and Vauxhalls are sold than Toyota's, ect in the UK, so it's obvious that there are going to be more negative views/complaints!!

If 10,000 Vauxhall's are sold and 10% of the buying public complain, then that means that there will be 1000 complaints.
If 1,000 Toyota's are sold and 10% complain, that means only 100 complaints.
How do you rate your car ? - andymc {P}
DD, I think the survey adjusts for that - AFAIK, they have a minimum number of respondents before the car can be included in the survey, and the scores are on a percentage basis, so 100 complaints out of 1000 would still be rated the same as 1000 out of 10000. Can anyone confirm that, or am I thinking of another survey?

That said, I think that including marks for exterior appearance or vehicle appeal is a bit pointless - why would people buy the cars if they hated the appearance? So I'd probably accept what it says about reliability and dealer service, but take any subjective stuff with a pinch of salt. After all, the Corolla scored highly *among its owners* for looking good - but those who don't have one would fall into a coma just seeing it!

Seeing I?m here ...
Car make/model/year: Seat Leon SE 110 bhp TDi
Reliability 8
? would have been 10 but for recent need to replace the electronic fuel injector.
Running costs 10
? as well as excellent fuel economy, the tyres still have at least 6000 miles left after nearly 17000, the insurance group is 7E, and I saved £3500 off list by importing.
Dealer support 10
? they dealt with the injector fault as quickly as they could, and touched up a paint chip for free while they were at it. They were also honest enough to point out that my imported Leon?s VIN dated from mid-November of last year, which meant that the back-dating of the two year pan-European warranty applied to me. I hadn?t known about this at the time and they could have just said nothing.
Practicality 9
? boot could be a fraction easier to use, but the lip is high. High boot also makes reversing a little awkward
Build quality 9
? one of the speakers started to rattle a bit, the dealer sorted that no problem. Otherwise a good solid car.
Performance 10
? I know it?s not the fastest car out there, but acceleration in fourth or fifth is brilliant ? no more wondering if I can make it past that truck!
Fuel consumption 10
? often get over 60 mpg without resorting to 50mph. In fact, even on a few recent 85 mph runs I still got 53 mpg recently, so no need to be parsimonious.
Overall satisfaction 9
? I love it, just wish lumbar adjustable seats were available without having to go for the full electric/leather combo. Still a very comfortable car though. Plus I?d like the 130 bhp engine for faster 0-60 to match the mid-range performance.
Likelihood of buying another of same make/model 9
? I love the look of the new shape one due year after next, and that should have at least 130 bhp. If it stays close to the same price range, I?ll definitely be importing another.
How do you rate your car ? - Miller
1998 Ford Mondeo 1.8 Verona (LX)

Reliability - Only owned for six weeks so too early to tell
Running Costs - 7 No bills yet, but tyres will be expensive
Dealer Support - n/a
Practicality - 8 Will seat five in relative comfort, could do with more stowage space in the cabin
Build quality - 10 Built like a tank
Performance - 8 Good, but needs to be kept over 3500rpm
Fuel consumption - 5 Only downside, I am lucky to see 35mpg even when driven sensibly
Overall - 8 So far so good
Buying another - We'll have to wait and see!
How do you rate your car ? - Burnout2
2000 Honda Accord 2.0i VTEC SE

Reliability - 10 : Absolute, as expected.
Running Costs - 6 : Quite thirsty, and servicing costs are high. Insurance about average
Dealer Support - 7 : Most Honda dealers I've tried are reasonably competent and friendly, but you never quite feel like a Lexus owner
Performance - 6: It's far from slow, but, regardless of V-TEC, why is all the torque above 4000rpm? More flexibility would be welcome.
Build quality - 9: Almost flawless, but for the rather thin lacquer on the paintwork, and susceptibility to scratches.
Fuel consumption - 6: Slightly below average for a 2.0 car of this size, partly because the engine needs to be worked.
Overall - 7: It's refined, comfortable, very well built and a good drive. Let down by unimaginative styling, a plasticky cabin and lack of low-down torque.
I wouldn't buy another, purely because I want something considerably quicker and more dynamic next time. Recommended to those in the market for a quality used family car.

How do you rate your car ? - MancRover
Car make/model/year: Mazda 323 ZXi 1996

a) Reliability - 10
b) Running costs - 7
c) Dealer support - 8
d) Practicality - 8
e) Build quality - 9
f) Performance - 10
g) Fuel consumption - 6
h) Overall
satisfaction - 8
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model 0 - Mazda do not do the same performance in their smaller cars these days. Would consider a new Mazda 6 2.3 though!
How do you rate your car ? - Soupytwist
VW Golf GTI 1990 :
bought with 112k on the clock, now got 138k

a) Reliability 10 - good, only one breakdown, due to oil cooler failing, probably my fault due to over filling on oil change.
b) Running costs 8 - parts easily available and reasonably priced
c) Dealer support 9 - wouldn't go near a VW dealer with it, have found decent independent
d) Practicality 9 - it's got five doors and a reasonable boot
e) Build quality - 10, well it's still in one piece and it still goes !
f) Performance - 7 by modern standards I s'pose
g) Fuel consumption - good c. 33 mpg overall, got up to 40 during fuel crisis
h) Overall satisfaction 9 - if there is a better car for the age / money out there I haven't seen it.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model 8 - if I won the lottery I'd find the best, latest MKII I could and keep it in tip top condiition. If I want another cheapish second car I'd definitely consider one.

Mondeo 1.8 LX 2002:

a) Reliability 10 - it's not broken yet but it's only done 6,000 miles
b) Running costs - dunno, it belongs to Hertz
c) Dealer support - dunno, it belongs to Hertz
d) Practicality - 5 other than being unable to unlock the car from anywhere except the driver's door it's fine.
e) Build quality - 5 something's rattling from the rear passenger side already
f) Performance - 6 nothing stunning but it's perfectly acceptable. I drove a 2.0 litre for a couple of weeks and that was better
g) Fuel consumption 7 - 400 odd miles from a tank, seems to be OK
h) Overall satisfaction - 6 the door thing really gets on my nerves, then there's the rattle but it's really good to drive.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model 5 - it's improved my perception of Fords but I've just chosen an Octavia diesel estate as my long term company car, so that tells you something. I'd certainly recommend one to someone wanting a decent second hand family car though.

Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
How do you rate your car ? - Ian2312
1995M Citroen ZX Aura 1.8i - bought at 69k, now 111k.

a) Reliability 10 - completed every journey, never fails to start.
b) Running costs 7 - Other than consumables, only front suspension link rods, rear brake cylinders and dipstick due to perished seal (headgasket scare!). My bad judgement to hang onto it long enough for it to need cambelt, clutch, battery & 4 tyres in last 12k but it's now set up for quite a while (touch wood!). Insurance a little steep in group 11.
c) Dealer support 0 - use a good family-run backstreet garage.
d) Practicality 9 - five doors, reasonable boot but split-folding AND sliding rear seat.
e) Build quality - 7, no rust but thin panels & delicate paint, minor interior squeaks & rattles. No problems with electrics.
f) Performance - 8 , just 100hp but great torque for a petrol engine and revs freely for overtaking. Surprisingly nippy with lovely handling.
g) Fuel consumption - very good. Long commute 37-42mpg dep. on time of year. Long 80mph motorway run 40mpg.
h) Overall satisfaction 9 - I only paid £2700 for it 2½ years ago, definitely haven't lost with this one.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same: Model, 5 - would probably want a 4/5-yr-old again by the time this one is due for replacement in 2 years, but they stopped at 98R. Make, 8 - might stretch to facelifted Xsara 1.6.
How do you rate your car ? - dan

Car make/model/year: Modified volvo480 turbo 92 (a work in progress)

a) Reliability - 7 engine excellent. Small cheap electrical components like relays, switches and day running bulbs failed in the last year.
b) Running costs - 7 insurance with 1 yr no claim is fairly steep. MOT/servicing done at independent garage.
c) Dealer support - na None. Scrappers and a small independent garage take up the slack!
d) Practicality - 8 4 seats, lots of space if needed.
e) Build quality - 8 No rattles or squeaks.
f) Performance - 9 Modified. I chase v6's for kicks, good cornering although putting power down through front wheel drive can be tricky in some conditions.
g) Fuel consumption 6 - 25 - 35 depending
h) Overall satisfaction - 8 but going up all the time!
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - I fully intend to run this one til it drops then buy another and transplant all the mods!
How do you rate your car ? - Arfur
Car make/model/year: 1997 Audi a41.8t

a) Reliability - Never broken down as such but I started to get this feeling that every trip to the dealers cost me more than the al a carte service. At 60k it seems to have reached that age where bits are starting to wear out.
b) Running costs - Services have cost between 130 and 200 with a main dealer.
c) Dealer support - Always polite and helpful. Very willing to deal with problems while the car was under warranty. Somehow information seemed to go missing between the service desk and the service department though.
d) Practicality - Convinced myself that a saloon would be ok, but I've realised that I really needed a hatch or an estate. The least Audi could have done is make the back seats foldable.
e) Build quality - The only rattle free dashboard I've had. Pity the back doors and the back seat try to make up for it. Generally very good though.
f) Performance - Great engine. I would be looking for another car with this engine if it wasn't for my new found love of diesels. Handling with sport suspension is a little too stiff though.
g) Fuel consumption - 26mpg but to be fair to the car I got the same from a normally aspirated 1.8. So I guess a certain amount of this is down to my driving.
h) Overall satisfaction - Great car very tempted to find the money to buy another but I'm treating myself to a new car this time and the budget doesn't stretch to an new one.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - As I said I was tempted. But next time it would be a quattro diesel Avant. As it is I've got a Seat Leon on the way
How do you rate your car ? - Ash
Car make/model 2002 VW Polo 1.9 SDi 3dr

a) Reliability : 10. It's only 4 months old though ! But i've never broken down in one (touch wood).
b) Running costs : 9. 50+ even with the air-con on, but servicing can be an expensive experience at VW dealerships.
c) Dealer Support : 9. After owning 3 Polo's any problems have been dealt with by VW customer services. Can't complain. All staff are polite and knowledgeable too.
d) Practicality : 7. Would be nice to have a 60/40 split rear seat and a boot interior light.
e) Build Quality : 8. A rattle or two has appeared, but will hopefully disappear after a few more miles have gone by. well built all the same.
f) Performance : 5. I didn't buy it for speed, but i'd like a TDi next though !
g) Fuel consumption : 9. I'd never buy a petrol again.
h) Overall satisfaction : 9. Comfortable and nice to drive, outclasses previous model by miles. Feels solidly built and holds value pretty well.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model : 9. I'd like an Audi A3 TDi but they're too expensive and after reading the previous Seat messages i'll give them a miss too !
How do you rate your car ? - Hurman
Car: Vuaxhall Nova 1.2 - 1986
a) Reliability - 10 - Never let me down and if it does break there are thousands in the scrapyard. Bought from a salvage yard for £800 five years ago with 60K showing now showing 100K.
b) Running costs - Minimal
c) Dealer support - 0 -Only use them when absolutely pushed to do so and then only for unique parts.
d) Practicality - 10 - I use the car for clubman level motorsport so one day it can be screaming across a ploughed field during a stubble autotest the next it might be carrying the shopping back from Morrisons.
e) Build quality - 9
f) Performance - Yeah right! Normal Super strong Vauxhall OHC engine revs all day.
g) Fuel consumption - Yes it does.
h) Overall 10 out of 10 apart from the boy racer image it has but I wear my baseball cap to the left!
satisfaction - 10 out of 10 best motor car buy I have made.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model Definately when this one falls apart, possibly a GSI or a 1.0 then give it an engine transplant.
How do you rate your car ? - j0ngreen
Car make/model/year: Mazda 6 Ts2 2l Estate

a) Reliability - 7k in 3 months no problems
b) Running costs - Reasonable
c) Dealer support - V Good
d) Practicality - Just like a vectra for boot space
e) Build quality - excellent
f) Performance - Like a Go-Cart, V Fast and stable just a bit lite at the front
g) Fuel consumption - Drive it hard and it costs
h) Overall satisfaction - Probably the best car I have ever had, all the toys inside and out,
(Leather, ABS, DSC, EBS, Bose 6CD System, mini-disc) and it looks the part too all for £15200 magic deal eh!!!!
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - Definitely, but would probably buy the V6 or 4wd for a bit of weight at the front. Take one for a test drive!!!
How do you rate your car ? - oldtoffee
VW Passat Estate TDi (115bhp) 2000MY 63,000 miles, owned from new

a) Reliability - 100%
b) Running costs - main dealer servicing a bit high, insurance OK, depreciation better than average, 45mpg can't complain.
c) Dealer support - rubbish
d) Practicality - very good, roomy,
e) Build quality - very good, no rattles, nothing fallen off
f) Performance - very good (chipped to 140 bhp)
g) Fuel consumption - 45mpg average. 55mpg taking it easy (which I don't)
h) Overall satisfaction - best car I've owned in terms of value for money, reliability and overall quality. Not the most exciting though.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - the thought of lining the pockets of incompetent main dealer will reduce this to zero.
How do you rate your car ? - Altea Ego
How would you rate your car out of 10 in the following categories ?

Car make/model/year: Renault/Scenic Alize 1.6/1999

a) Reliability - 9/10 - sunroof failures.
b) Running costs - 9/10 - cheap insurance, tyres, service,
c) Dealer support - 7/10 took a while to find a good one
d) Practicality - 10/10 scenic does not come any better, small outside big inside, use as van/camper/or taxi
e) Build quality - 7/10 trim rattles
f) Performance - 7/10 average
g) Fuel consumption - 9/10 excelent mid 40 on run, mid 30s urban
h) Overall satisfaction - 9/10
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model 9/10 (but i didnt this time round)
How do you rate your car ? - Wally Zebon
How would you rate your car out of 10 in the following categories ?

Car make/model/year: Audi 80 S2 Avant (1993)

a) Reliability - 8 It's 10 years old so I should expec the odd glitch
b) Running costs - 5 Audi parts are expensive
c) Dealer support - 9 very good
d) Practicality - 10 It's an estate
e) Build quality - 10 10 years old and still no squeeks or rattles
f) Performance - 12 230BHP, 0-60 in 5.9secs - WOW
g) Fuel consumption - 1 Lead boots don't help
h) Overall satisfaction - 8 I like fast cars
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - If they still made one I would, but I might have to go for an S3 or S4 next time. Whichever way, I'll go with Audi again.

How do you rate your car ? - PhilW
Car make/model/year: Citroen Bx TGD 1991
a) Reliability - 10/10 never let me down in 10 years (bought at 2 yr old)and 140,000 miles
b) Running costs - 10/10 cheap - diesel, 45- 50 mpg, oil, oil, fuel, air filters every 5000 miles, new wipers every 6 months, MOT (not failed yet )each year. New spheres on front every 3 years or so. 1 set rear tyres (old ones perished !), 3 or 4 sets front tyres. One exhaust. New "octopus" £22. New disks on front last year, front brake pads every 20,000miles approx.
c) Dealer support - Don't know - never been to one
d) Practicality - 9/10 great for taking rubbish to tip and aged Dad to France to visit battlefields
e) Build quality - 9/10 trim rattles and flimsy (don't press on roof when polishing!) but at least there ain't no rust and nothing has fallen off (yet!)
f) Performance - 0/10 if you are a boy racer,9/10 for me (well, it gets me to work and back and will cruise all day at 80 on the motorway)
g) Fuel consumption - 9/10 , 45-50 mpg to work and back, 58 mpg on French motorways
h) Overall satisfaction - 9/10 (i'm easily satisfied according to my wife - or was that "quickly??)
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model . Wouldn't mind a turbo one - now that would be really living! What was that about a cheap CX Turbo2 with only 60,000 on the clock? Did you mention an SM???
How do you rate your car ? - mal
I'll make this nice and short.

Wifes car, Honda Jazz.

Ride quality-Appalling. 2/10

The rest 10/10
How do you rate your car ? - mal
Apart from the horn! Re "Bring on the clowns" in discussion.
How do you rate your car ? - glowplug
I can't yet really rate my 'new' car, only bought 10 days ago but I feel left out so for the sake of it...

Peugeot 405 GTX TD Estate.

10/10 for everything upto now!

My fingers are firmly crossed!

How do you rate your car ? - j_james
Nissan Sunny 1.6iSLX 1994M

Reliability - 10/10 haven't had to lift a spanner to it in 20k miles (apart from replacing original 8yo battery). FSH says no major or minor faults in 8.5 years (only service items).
Running costs - 8/10 no faults so that's cheap, insurance a little expensive for what the car is.
Dealer support - N/A; hasn't seen a Nissan dealer in 4 years....
Practicality - 9/10 fits 5 big fat blokes in reasonable comfort, nice big boot
Build quality - 9/10 very well made, clutch pedal squeaks a bit from time to time and the radio/cassette rattles....
Performance - 8/10 not bad at all for a 1.6. Pulls nicely up to 70MPH (fast to 60 or so), a little sluggish above 85-90.
Fuel consumption - 7/10 not bad, but could be a bit better. Maybe should have got the 1.4 lol.
Likelihood of buying another of same make/model -- N/A. This was a late Sunny and I won't be buying another once this one gives up. Hoping to get a good 3 or 4 years more out of this, then I'll get another Jap or German car of some description.
How do you rate your car ? - j_james
> I personally don't believe a word of the JD power survey.
It's obvious that the Ford's, Vauxhall's, and other mass produced cars are going to be far down the bottom of the list, whereas the Toyota's, Nissan's, and Honda's are going to in the top 10. Reason, more Ford's and Vauxhalls are sold than Toyota's, ect in the UK, so it's obvious that there are going to be more negative views/complaints!!

Well my family have, between them, owned almost nothing but Nissan and Vauxhall cars in the last 20 years. To be fair, neither are bad marques in our experience, but the Nissans do seem to give far less trouble. Most of the Nissans I've been in direct contact with have got to 10 years without any problems to speak of; one developed a knackered gearbox at 9 years old, but that's it. Most of them haven't so much as blown a bulb (mine included).

My other car is a Vauxhall Cavalier (1992K) which has managed to get to 180K but has had numerous quite serious faults along the way (knackered power steering, engine overhaul, several oil leaks and a myriad of annoying electrical gremlins). You expect that with such an old car, but generally Nissans don't develop such faults. I have a cabbie mate with a Nissan Bluebird which has 340K on the clock and still with its original virtually everything (one clutch, an alternator overhaul and one oil leak being the only major things that needed doing).
How do you rate your car ? - j_james
Look at it another way. The reason someone buys a Japanese car, especially a new one, is usually because he wants an easy life. So if he gets a Toyota Corolla and it's a dog, he's going to be *more* likely to diss it, not less, don't you think? Likewise if it sails through its first three years he's just going to say, with a smug grin, "well it *is* a Toyota!", and think nothing more of it.

Whereas with a Citroen, which (undeservedly IMHO, at least when it comes to big Diesel Citroens -- small French cars with petrol engines I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole quite frankly) has a poor reputation among many people. Guy buys a C5 and it's a good'un, he's going to be singing from the rooftops, because he's discovered they're not as bad as people make out.
How do you rate your car ? - Mike M
Car make/model/year: Peugeot 406 HDi (90) 99 T plate
a) Reliability - 9. In 74K miles, one water pump, 3 bulbs and 4 tyres
b. Running Costs - 10. cheap or what!
c) Dealer support - 8. No complaints
d) Practicality - 8. OK, nothing special
e) Build quality - 8 No rattles or squeaks.
f) Performance - 7 does everything asked of it at (or around) the legal limit.
g) Fuel consumption 10 - 55mpg - or 53 with aircon.
h) Overall satisfaction - 9
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - high, or a C5 maybe.
How do you rate your car ? - coach
Car make/model/year: Land Rover Discovery TDIs 1991)

a) Reliability - 10 - 100% so far in 70000 miles (keep on top of servicing).
b) Running costs ? 8 ? Some things expensive other items cheap.
c) Dealer support ? Don?t use dealers."
d) Practicality - 10 ? Off road fun weekends, towing a caravan and for commuting.
e) Build quality ? 9 ? I have no complaints
f) Performance ? 6 ? It?s a Diesel and 4 x 4
g) Fuel consumption - 9 - very good 30-35 mpg.
h) Overall satisfaction ? 9 ? Does what I want really well a good comprimise
i) Likelihood of buying same make/model 9/9 - If I can afford a new model.
How do you rate your car ? - greaser pv
Vauxhall Zafira GSI 2.0 Turbo 2002(late)

a)Several little niggles ( inc. once when I couldn't get the ign. key into the lock )
b)Very juicy, not had a service yet
c) Crap, couldn't care less - re. major faults
d)Very versatile
f)0-60 7 secs 140mph top speed - good enough for a MPV
g)20 around town
h)Dissappointed with Vauxhalls reaction to the faults I've brought to their attention i.e. rattling engine,noise from steering, brakes, money grabbing non-fitment of rear speakers even though itemised in sales brochure etc etc
i) love styling and performance , would buy again if VXL sort out problems and admit their faults .
How do you rate your car ? - Claude
Range Rover 4.6HSE

a) Reliability - Never broken down/never not started.
b) Running costs - High, buts its a complicated vehicle.
c) Dealer support - Excellent.
d) Practicality - great on the motorway, great offroad and great when towing. Not bad over the suburban speed humps either !
e) Build quality - most of the bugs have been ironed out, can be sensitive on the electronics.
f) Performance - for whats its designed for: excellent.
g) Fuel consumption - 11mpg around town, 20.5mpg on the motorway, overall mpg 16.6 over the last three years.
h) Overall satisfaction - very high
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - probably
How do you rate your car ? - Clanger
Citroen Synergie 1.9TD VSX 1996 105K miles

a) Reliability - good, three minor electrical faults and water in gearbox after negotiating flood
b) Running costs - service it myself, had new discs & pads at 80K
c) Dealer support - good, knowledgeable, friendly
d) Practicality - seats 7 in comfort. Seats come out to make a van.
e) Build quality - minor creaks from trim otherwise good
f) Performance - negligible
g) Fuel consumption - about 36 mpg solo, 28 towing
h) Overall satisfaction - high, 8/10 does everything I expected it to
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - don't make it any more; replaced by the C8 with instruments in the centre of dash like a wretched Morris Minor. Grrr!

Citroen C3 HDi 16v LX 2002 6K miles

a) Reliability - good, recalled for camshaft work
b) Running costs - don't know yet
c) Dealer support - good, knowledgeable, friendly
d) Practicality - seats 4 in comfort, 5 at a pinch.
e) Build quality - good
f) Performance - more than expected, very satisfying considering it was supposed to be Madame's runabout
g) Fuel consumption - about 62 mpg
h) Overall satisfaction - high, 9/10
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - 9/10

How do you rate your car ? - Robert Fleming
Car make/model/year: Golf GTI 8v 1988

a) Reliability - 9.5 Never stranded, kangaroo ride home when fuel lift pump failed
b) Running costs - 9 Quality parts incredibly cheap even at main dealer, scrapyard stock just keeps improving
c) Dealer support - 9 Dealer quite happy to order a part for 41p (clutch pedal plastic stop) and ring me when it's in.
d) Practicality - 9 Only a land rover/astravan more practical
e) Build quality - 8.5 Plenty of irritating niggles
f) Performance - 9 More performance than my driving ability
g) Fuel consumption - 9 Once thoroughly warm, fuel consumption is 40mpg+ at sub-lunatic speeds
h) Overall
satisfaction - 9.5 For what it costs me, extremely satisfied
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model
Nah. They just don't make them like they used to.
How do you rate your car ? - mfarrow
Car make/model/year: Ford Escort 1.3 1989

a) Reliability - 9.5 Only had it 12months, but hasn't cut out yet!
b) Running costs - 10 Cheap to service/TAX.
c) Dealer support - 5 Little experience of them. OK so far.
d) Practicality - 8 Could do with 5 door for 3 passengers. Drivers seat doesn't swing forward.
e) Build quality - 9.5 No oil loss, only dreaded tapping.
f) Performance - 7 Can't push it without it complaining!
g) Fuel consumption - 9 40mpg on average
h) Overall satisfaction - 9.5 Couldn't ask for anything more really.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model - 10 Cheap to maintain, no gadgets to go bang.
How do you rate your car ? - stefanta
Car make/model/year: Renault Laguna 99T

a) Reliability - 9/10 - Brake Disks Warped - Replaced under warranty
b) Running costs - 5/10 - Theres a lot of stuff , thats could go wrong and cost a fortune
c) Dealer support - N/A Never had to use them and I take all my business to my local independent carage
d) Practicality - 9/10 you could put anything in the boot, and the kitchen sink
e) Build quality - 7/10 It rattles a bit to much
f) Performance - 8/10 its oNLY A 1.6 but it can shift
g) Fuel consumption - 9/10 really good
h) Overall
satisfaction - 7/10 - I hate that rattling noise
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model i might be tempted I like the drive, styling , features, and its really comfy.
How do you rate your car ? - malteser
Car make/model/year: Skoda Fabia 5 Dr. Comfort 1.9 tdi

a) Reliability - Excellent No problems after 2 years & 45.000 km
b) Running costs - Very Good. c) Dealer support - Satisfactory.
d) Practicality - Ideal as a "Super Mini" Hatch.
e) Build quality - Excellent.
f) Performance - Wow! goes like a rocket for a diesel.
g) Fuel consumption - Excellent - 5.1 litres per 100 km (55 mpg app.)
h) Overall satisfaction - Very happy with it - often recommend to others
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model- Definitely -if we are ever in a position to need to change!

How do you rate your car ? - howy686
Car make/model/year: Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0 SRI 16V (Ecotec)94M

a) Reliability - Never stranded me but lots of niggles - engine light a regular feature, radio (Grundig) LCD panel failed, heater illumination bulb.

b) Running costs - Potentially disasterous if I went to a dealer every time the engine management light came on. Thank goodness for the know-how on forum sites like this one.

c) Dealer support - they don't care and/or don't know what they are doing!!!

d) Practicality - Hatchback - wouldn't have any other configuration.

e) Build quality - Fair - no corrosion after nearly 9 years, but I do hose underneath regularly.

f) Performance - Don't believe I'm getting the full HP but I'd probably be writing a blank cheque for a dealer to sort-out.

g) Fuel consumption - Heavy on urban (26 to 27 mpg) but not bad for a petrol on a long run (36mpg).

h) Overall satisfaction - Not really - lots of depreciation - what possessd me to spend all that money at Network Q - worth about a 6th of what I paid after 4 years. Probably applies to all Vauxhalls.

i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model- Not blinkin' likely - I'm sure that current models are better but no Vauxhall in our family ever again on principle.
How do you rate your car ? - Jim M
Car make/model/year: BMW 528SE 1998 had since new 32k mls - I work abroad.
Car/make/model/year: BMW 318 SE 2002 12k mls
10 for all - for mine especially when I did not change 528 for 530 saved a bunch of cash in exchange for vanity of driving a new car on the rare occasions when I am home.
10 for all except c - (1) treated her as little woman until she morphed in Gengis Khan in their pretty show room and stopped all conversation.
Have ordered Cayenne not updated X5 to replace 528 - cos I am correct demographic 49/short/fat/bald and sc*** BMW I need a happy wife when I am away
Wife will go Lexus next cos they were very nice to her when we were looking at 430 sc
But all boils down to how the dealer treated me and how they treated my wife. I guess some of the wives of this string would rate our cars quite differently to us!!
How do you rate your car ? - benno10
1993 Audi 80 2.0SE Avant

a) Reliability - 10
b) Running costs - 8
c) Dealer support - 5
d) Practicality - 9
e) Build quality - 10 ( more solid car than a new Audi )
f) Performance - 5
g) Fuel consumption - 7
h) Overall
satisfaction - 8
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model
Will be the same m/m but hopefully in the S2 guise. Other than the only ok performance car has been superb over 2 years and 25k, only needing suspension bushes ( servicing and repairs at my local specialist for a third of Audi prices!! ) and has never missed a beat.
How do you rate your car ? - martin
1995 M reg VW Passat CL TDI Estate

a) Reliability, some problems, but not serious 8
b) Running costs - 8
c) Dealer support, never have the parts to hand - 5
d) Practicality, a little on the large side, but strong and can carry all but a house - 9
e) Build quality, i look after it well, shame the old owner did'nt - 8
f) Performance - 9
g)Fuel consumption, did 950miles on a full tank - 10
h) Overall satisfaction - 8
I) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model
very high, but i would get a newer model, perhaps even an Audi as the build is better, but then the price is considerably more. Overall, my Passat sees me well for what i paid for it and that it has high milage, 150K already. I feel i can trust it to keep on going with some TLC.
How do you rate your car ? - kithmo
Mk3 Ford Mondeo saloon, Ghia X, 2.5 V6, 2001 (Y)
a)Reliability 10/10. No problems (touch wood)
b)Running costs 8/10. Cheap servicing, cheap parts, expensive tyres, high insurance group (V6 engine)
c)Dealer support 10/10. Dealers are plentiful and very helpful. I managed to reconstruct my lost service history and validate my 3 year warranty with the help of 3 different dealerships.
d)Practicality 8/10. Although the load space is massive (just about the same as the hatchback) the boot lid less practical than a hatch.
e) Build quality 9/10. It's put together pretty well except for the centre console where the sides and the gear surround are a bit flimsy (I suspect these have been removed and replaced by the previous owner at some time, so maybe originally they were better)
f) Performance 10/10. It's a 2.5 V6 what more can I say ;) 0-60 in 8.7 sec (a ton and a half of car) and 167 mph (claimed) top speed.
g) Fuel consumption 7/10. Although it does well for the size of engine, 28 mpg average, Outside temperature and driving styles have a significant effect on consumption. E.g. cold weather heavy right foot short journey 21 mpg. Hot weather light throttle long run 37 mpg. A Big difference!
h) Overall satisfaction 10/10. My face is beginning to hurt with the permanent grin I've had since buying this car. I love the toys, leather heated seats, climate control, Enhanced stability program, cruise control etc..
i)Likelyhood of buying another 10/10. Definitely would buy the same or future replacement model.
How do you rate your car ? - Gregory P
Everyone here seems to have a reliable car. Why hasn?t anyone posted with details of problem cars in this thread? I am sure there are many problem cars around, aren?t there?

Also, hardly anyone has mentioned the cars mileage in this thread.

My car=

Toyota Camry 1985 turbo diesel
Mileage 260,000 miles

a) Reliability -10/10. Never broken down, but only wear and tear parts (radiator, alternator, exhaust etc) and head gasket once replaced
b) Running costs ? 9/10. Insurance expensive, everything else reasonable inc fuel
c) Dealer support ? do not use dealer but independent. Experience from dealer = overcharge, miss service items, support poor and general attitude was shoddy
d) Practicality ? 10/10
e) Build quality -9/10. Nothing fallen apart, seats like new. But rust is only problem
f) Performance ? 8/10 slow with age and mileage
g) Fuel consumption ? 9/10. 40 mpg thrashing in town only. Long motorway journey 50-58mpg
h) Overall
satisfaction ? excellent car. Ultra-reliability as standard even at this age. Very comfortable and excellent fuel range of 460-960 miles per tank. New cars do not compare to this vehicle.
i) Likelihood of buying another of same make/model: will only risk buying TOYOTA?s

Car just goes on and on. Looking for replacement but this car just doesn?t want to finish its life. It will probably go onto 400,000 miles without a problem.

Value my car