07 2.0 dci 115 blown engine advice. - tony235
Firstly thank you for reading this post.

I have a very ill trafic 2007 dci 115 6 speed. The day after a 2 year service at a main dealer (and a warranty replacment of the turbo) (total milage 12500)

The engine went "bang" on the motorway and put a rod through the engine.

According to the dealer service manager there is a hole the size of a fist in the engine and problems with shells/pistons (I am not at all technical so this means nothing to me). Renault are refusing warranty on the vehicle as the first years service was at an independent garage (who is now in liquidation and on my invoice it does not list the actual parts used so i can't prove genuine parts used) This garage did not stamp the service book which is my fault as i left it a home by mistake on day of service.

Unless I can obtain an invoice for a genuine oil filter and oil I need to pay for a new engine

In view of this does anyone know if it is possible to fit a Laguna diesel engine in a trafic. Various listings on ebay say this is the same engine.

Any advice on the engine or warranty side of things would be much much appreciated (as would any paperwork for a renault oil filter )

Thank you again

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07 2.0 dci 115 blown engine advice. - Grease_monkey
The day after your service and the engine throws a leg!! I smell a rat.

I believe it is up the the garage to prove it is not negligence on there part so soon after the vehicle being serviced or a very spooky co-incidence
07 2.0 dci 115 blown engine advice. - madf
If the turbo failed and was replaced, a sensible dealer would clean out all the oil lines to the turbo and change the engine oil and filter. When turbos fail they tend to leave bits of metal in the oil lines.

Why did the turbo fail? If it was maintained properly - oil and filter changes - and run as per instructions - idling after long runs or steep hills- it should not have.

I suggest you cannot get any answers yourself due to lack of technical knowledge - so either get someone who knows to help- or pay up.

With a dodgy service history, it suggests you have not maintained the car properly I am afraid.

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07 2.0 dci 115 blown engine advice. - bathtub tom
>>a warranty replacment of the turbo

It seems strange a main dealer would replace a major engine part under warranty then claim the warranty isn't valid for the rest of the engine. I'm no legal expert, but would replacing the turbo be regarded as setting a precedent?

Perhaps legal advice should be sought.
07 2.0 dci 115 blown engine advice. - DP
It does sound very odd that the warranty was still valid to replace the turbo, but not what happened shortly afterwards. If the warranty was null and void as a result of the first service, then surely the turbo replacement wouldn't have been covered.

That's without the remarkable coincidence of the dealer performing major surgery the day before the engine failed.

What happened when the turbo failed? Did the engine rev itself and need to be stalled, or did it just stop? During these "run away" incidents, the engine will rev beyond its designed operating parameters, and also will run low on oil. Both have the potential to seriously damage the connecting rods and bearings.

I would also be taking legal advice if I were in your position.

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07 2.0 dci 115 blown engine advice. - gordonbennet
They shot themselves in the foot by replacing the turbo under warranty, thereby accepting the previous service history.

I'm far from a expert in anything, but common sense dictates that they would have rejected the turbo warranty claim unless satisfied about previous history...plus they must have removed the oil filter fitted by the indy garage previously, and been happy at the time.

I think a judge at small claims would also view things in this common sense way, so yes get some good advice and then pursue under small claims including hiring a van in the meantime.

Very best of luck with this.
07 2.0 dci 115 blown engine advice. - tony235
thank you for this

I will issuing court proceedings in the next couple of days and let a judge decide

thanks again

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