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I'm on the verge of buying a 2002 Jeep Cherokee 4.7 V8 overland that has had an LPG conversion and need some advice. I need a bigger car as I have a kid on the way and as I can't really afford an X3 or X5 at the moment and I really can't stand estates, this seems like a good option as a luxury cruiser with good spec and reasonable MPG / price.

My knowledge of LPG conversions is pretty limited....I know that a multi-point sequential is essential for this model (which it has) and I'll need to use a flashlube but that's about it!

What do I need to ask / look out for when buying and would I maybe be wiser to get something like a Saab estate (however boring) as they seem to be the best thing available for around £5 - £6k? I will soon find out who fitted the LPG system, what type t is and all that and will base my decision on this.

Any experiences / knowledge would be appreciated cos the last thing I want is to be driving a new born around in something dangerous or unreliable!



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02 Need advice on 4.7 V8 LPG conversion - sandy56
I am no expert but for this I would suggest you get the AA to do an independent report on the 4x4 and lpg system.
The Jeep is a rugged vehicle but running costs are high- anything goes wrong you will need DEEP pockets.
A SAAB / Volvo/ even Ford Mondeo estate would be a better safer bet.

02 Need advice on 4.7 V8 LPG conversion - piston power
So many problems with lpg conversions that is a big engine still fuel economy won't be that good, why not look at a discovery diesel plenty of room and economy with enough power.
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An earlier thread on discussion about best/worst cars seemed to throw up an awful lot of Saabs as best. I've never owned one.
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Does anyone know anything about Romano Zavoli Alisein LPG system? The car I'm looking at has a 3yr old multipoint sequential system made by them and I'd like to know if this is one of the better ones.


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02 4.7 Romano Zavoli Alisein LPG? - macavity
People to talk to about LPG include:
02 Need advice on 4.7 V8 LPG conversion - macavity
Any experiences / knowledge would be appreciated cos the last thing I want is to
be driving a new born around in something dangerous or unreliable!

The disadvantage of LPG is trying to find somewhere to fill-up with LPG. They are not always normal petrol stations they can be all sorts of difficult to find (middle of industrial estates etc). You find yourself planning your journeys aroung LPG stations, not handy.
Also the petrol tank will still be on the car so the LPG tank will be in the car , which takes up a lot of space. LPG tanks can only be approx 80% filled (ie a 50litre tank is full at 40litres).
Having the LPG tank in the car is OK, it is fairly robust and has ( should have) enough non-return valves/ safety features that it is probably safer than petrol in a crash. The tank is unlikely to rupture and the LPG is a liquid, and less combustable than petrol.
To go for a large LPG tank to get a greater range (between filling-up) will mean more weight and less space in the car. Reliability: depends on the car, it is possible that the LPG system will be the most reliable part of the car. It depends on the state ( level of maintenance ) of the car.

If you bought a decent people carrier with a good diesel engine then life would be easier. Do you really need a V8 4.7 engine?
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I'd suggest you have a look at this forum - www.lpgforum.co.uk/ and search/ask there.

In my area there's several LPG stations, a Shell, a Morrisons and a Total. The cheapest is usually Morrisons at 50.9PPL. I've noticed that quite a few Shell stations sell LPG on the A roads.

If you are buying ready converted then you need to be sure it has a LPG certificate that you can produce to your potential insurer. However this isn't always an indicator of a good installation. Things to watch out for are -

General untidiness of the install, if it looks like corners have been cut then I'd say they have, so the inlet manifold could have been drilled & tapped without removing it, etc.

Does the car smell of gas when not running?

Does the car switch over to gas easily and smoothly, does it idle well. If giving the car some welly does it stay on gas or drop back to petrol?

If the engine management light comes on whilst running on LPG then the LPG kit is either faulty, wrongly specc'd for the engine or badly setup.

My best advice is do plenty of research beforehand.


02 Need advice on 4.7 V8 LPG conversion - glowplug
Another good idea would be to check for a local Romano service agent with a good reputation before deciding. LPG has it's fair share of cowboys like any other industry.

Prins have a very good reputation for their LPG kits but they are more expensive than others.

Most LPG kits originate from Italy, AEB being behind several brands -

A proper well spec'd and setup LPG should be no different to driving using petrol (except lower emissions), on the other hand a bad one is an expensive pain in the neck.

Hope that helps.