94 1.6 Sunroof does not open - Gregory II
A friend of mine has a car where the sunroof will not open. We have checked the fuse, which is fine. There is also power coming from the fuse connection. We checked the wires feeding to the motor, and they are pulling circa 12 volts through there. Of course, we tried to manually open it, which it does successfully and smoothly. We tried also pressing the switch as it was opening to see if perhaps there were any tight spots.

When we click on the switch, we can here a clicking noise which presumably is the relay.

What should we check next? We are not sure where the relay is, or even how to test/ access this. What would be the next stage in diagnosis?

Many thanks
94 1.6 Sunroof does not open - ex-Triumph man
Don't know where about you are in the country. However it is fair to assume there may well be a VW specialist near to you. Worth dropping the car in for a bit of friendly chat or advice or even a quick call on the telephone.
94 1.6 Sunroof does not open - Gregory II
The likelyhood is that it either needs a new relay or motor for the sunroof. Can anyone here in the know tell me where the relay is: the haynes manual is very vague in this area.

With thanks
94 1.6 Sunroof does not open - Gregory II
Has anyone done a similar job like this before. I have looked online for instructions, but my attempts have not been successful.

94 1.6 Sunroof does not open - elekie&a/c doctor
I have seen a few problems with the sunroof motors on these, and if i recall ,inside the motor there is an electronic circuit board .Mounted on this is a thermal overload protection device.This shuts power to the motor armature if it overheats.It is possible that this device has corroded through ingress of damp and would stop the motor operating.I think the motor unit is attached to the roof drive mech by 2 screws.hth