2001 HDi intermittent lack of power - guitarnut
Hi all

I hope Screwloose is around to lend his ear to this...

My 306 HDi has suffered a fault with the clutch position sensor 5 months ago. The garage replaced the switch and all was well, for a while.

Now it has gone back to its old ways of struggling to pull at all, and i suspect it is in "limp" mode.

I have just tried linking out the switch with a piece of wire which i thought would give me a fully performing car again, but this has not worked.

Is the ECU clever, and expects the switch to break and make every time a gear change is done ? (i.e. when the throttle is released) Which would explain why i cant fool it...

I noticed that some sort of lubrication has leaked on to the switch again like last time which could be making it fail?

Can the switch be bypassed, or is another trip to the garage for a new switch the only answer?

I really like the car, but i'm starting to lose my patience with it.

Thanks in advance,


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