96 1.3 Smoke from Exhaust - ged-i

Have a pretty huge problem with my car.
Driving home yesterday, I got up to about 50mph in 5th gear and notice there was a loss of power (just as i was joining a motorway). Dropped to 4th and it picked up again and went back up to fifth and had usual speeds/power out of it.

After parking for an hour, I went to start engine. It wouldn't start on first attempt, and i had to rev on accelerator for it to start on 2nd. this got it going but It felt a little more juddery than usual.

As I reversed, there was, what can only be described as thick white smoke gushing from the exhaust.

I turned engine off..... and started a few minutes later. Started fine this time, and no sign of smoke, until I put my foot on the accelerator, then it pours out.

At first I thought this could be a damaged head gasket. but this was changed just over 6months ago.

I phoned around a few garages and some seem to think that the engine has blown.

I can't really drive it anywhere, as too dangerous with the amount of smoke from exhaust.

Just need opinions on what this could be. I'm not sure if it is the engine, as it drives and starts..... or is this me being naive?

Any help greatfully received!
96 1.3 Smoke from Exhaust - davecuk
Go somewhere else yo get your new Head gasket fitted, unless the place you used warranties their work.

If you changed it....then do it better next time ;-)
96 1.3 Smoke from Exhaust - ged-i

so you reckon H/Gasket not engine?

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96 1.3 Smoke from Exhaust - jc2
White smoke does sound like gasket.
96 1.3 Smoke from Exhaust - piston power
It needs a compression test to see but a 96 car is it worth spending on another engine?
96 1.3 Smoke from Exhaust - ged-i
probably not, and seem to be throwing good money after bad with this car at the mo.

thinking either way, gasket or engine, its going to be more than its worth to fix