00 1.8 erratic idle - rookieA3
Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well, this is my first post so please be gentle, haha.

Would appreciate any advice regarding my newly acquired Audi A3, only had the car a week and up till today it was a dream come true owning my first Audi, I've always wanted to own an A3 and been chuffed to bits so far(Sorry i'l cut to the chase).

Yesterday when i returned home after a short 10min drive, before i switched off the engine i noticed as i sat in neutral that the engine rev's had dropped from a steady 900RPM, to between 500-900 rpm, which was making the car sound like it was "chugging"(best word i can think off). I decided to drive around my street and also noticed that if i took my foot off the accelerator the car felt is if it was still going forward but also that it was "jerky", like it was struggling. Hope that makes sense?

I called the garage i bought it from today but as it is a sunday and sept weekend i've had no joy.

I have already read through alot of the related forums here and I take my hat off to you guys cause its amazing just how much you guys know. I've never really owned my own car so I have relatively little experience with DIY in cars but I am an Electrician to trade so am not scared to give it a go!

Thanks so so much for taking the time to read my post, I'd appreciate ANY help what so ever with my A3 problem.

Regards -D

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00 1.8 Was going so well, until now.... - Peter D
When the garage is open get them to check it out and do a diag test I would initally suspect a coil pack has failed. I suspect your engine code is AEB and it have a coil for each plug. If you get out of the car at idle and listen to the exhaust note if the chugging regular in nature like is is happening on one cylinder. Regards Peter
00 1.8 Was going so well, until now.... - rookieA3
Many thanks Peter for your reply,

I'l get in touch with the garage tomorrow morning and i'l let you know the outcome.


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