Which car was that (Jem's It's Amazing Video)? - kayks
I saw this music video yesterday:


In the end, the singer gets into a car and drives off. You just get a few glimpses of the car. Its been eating me all night - which car is it? I recognise it as a Citroen - but which one?

Can anyone tell me and put me out of my misery?


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Which car was that? - rtj70
It's acknowledged as Joey's amazing Citroen. I thought it looked a little like a DS but you don't see much of it!
Which car was that? - bell boy

its certainly got a citroen rear but i dont recognise the front (its almost jag)
Which car was that? - Lud
It's an SM.
Which car was that? - kayks
It's an SM.

Thanks Lud! I had initially thought it might be an SM, and then remembered that the SM had square headlamps. The one in the video has round ones ... But the US spec SM had twin round headlamps, right?

Where on earth do producers/directors get hold of these cars?
Which car was that? - rtj70
Made harder to work out the car because it was not video - series of still's strung together. Now someone has said SM then yes it is. Well spotted Lud!
Which car was that? - rtj70
And apparently:

The SM's six headlight set up was illegal in the United States and consequently, US specification cars were fitted with four fixed round exposed lamps.

For lighting differences, look at European version:


USA version:


Which car was that? - GroovyMucker
That is a lovely car.

Thinks: am I missing something essential?

Which car was that? - barneybear
truely amazing that BR chaps could ID that car from so few shots - and I used to think I was good at that kind of thing! Does that dash of the SM really "glow" like that? Now what's nagging me is what other recent modern pop song sounds very similar?
Which car was that? - rtj70
I didn't work out Citroen SM (it was a series of stills is my excuse) but I can work out cars from little visual clues.... I have no idea why. Memory I guess.

I wondered about the dash too. Looks a little more futuristic than the year of manufacture would suggest.

Like the music too - but she is Welsh.
Which car was that? - bell boy
i still think its a cutnshut pallas
Which car was that? - rtj70
BB, you've been wrong before... its a Citroen of some sort and it looks like an SM now someone said SM.
Which car was that? - Happy Blue!
Without doubt an SM (US version). My late business partner had three SMs, with his main one having the US type headlights.
Which car was that? - henry k
>>Does that dash of the SM really "glow" like that?
IIRC, from way back when a friend had a SM, In the circular instrument unit there is a big red centre that lights up STOP if any critical failure is detected.
Around the edge are various warning / indicator lights.

So like most cars when you turn on the ignition a bulb check occurs.


It lights up like this
Which car was that? - JohnM{P}
Side repeaters and US rear number plate are on the SM

For a harder challenge, what is the car the SM is parked next to at 3.26 into the video? US spec German car I'd say...
Which car was that? - Happy Blue!
Mid 1980s 5-series I reckon
Which car was that? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
After getting over the motion sickness inducing presentation, I froze the sequence on the SM. It visibly, and surprisingly, has a reflecting cover over the four US spec headlights (so maybe illegal in USA) and the bonnet is distorted/not closed properly. I remember an SM racing in the British saloon car championship at Ingliston. Terminal understeer with lots of tyre smoke!
Which car was that? - rtj70
After getting over the motion sickness inducing presentation

It's a series of photos and not a video. Interesting style of "video".

Now what is that other car? Not had a chance to have a proper look yet but I think you only see the headlight and a little of the surround.

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