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Reporting Uninsured Cars - drbe
Where is the best place to report an uninsured car? Police? DVLA? Local Authority?

.............. Thinks........... I wonder how many posters will answer the question and how many will raise other questions?
Reporting Uninsured Cars - Dwight Van Driver
Are you sure it is Uninsured??????

If so then pass the info to a Plod if you can find one or report at Plod Shop. Whilst ANPR will activate if driven through, Plod may give a bit more attention.

One could also use

www.shopthem. com.

Reporting Uninsured Cars - Stuartli
You can do it easily and quickly on-line, via a free phone call or by letter to the DVLA:


Edited by Stuartli on 13/09/2009 at 16:51

Reporting Uninsured Cars - martint123

That is for untaxed vehicles. For uninsured the only real place to report them is to plod. None of the others have any powers over uninsured vehicles.

Go on then - how do you know it is uninsured?
Reporting Uninsured Cars - Simon
I wonder how many posters will answer the question and how many will raise other questions?

Probably quite a lot will raise other questions. The way you have posed your own question is pretty much inviting others to ask further questions as there is no detail in your post. To be fair this is a discussion forum so a thread that spreads out from around the original question is perfectly acceptable. If you wanted a straight answer to your question, Google would have been much better. :-)

So go on then, how can you be 100% sure that it is uninsured?
Reporting Uninsured Cars - movilogo
I insured my car yesterday.

It showing as uninsured in askmid.com database.

I called my insurer and they said it takes 48 hours to update the database!

So, lots of cars which are being showed as insured are actually not insured.
Several cars which are not in that database are actually insured.

Edited by movilogo on 13/09/2009 at 22:22

Reporting Uninsured Cars - 1400ted
Same here...changed my plates after putting number on retention.......took about 5 days to come up on Askmid. The removed number showed as still insured.
Gonna happen again next week when we organise tax on new car !
Just going to carry the paperwork around.
If the OP is using Askmid to check out someones car, I suggest he gives it a few days and checks again.

Reporting Uninsured Cars - OldSock
If the OP is using Askmid to check out someones car......

And I hope the OP also coughs up the £3.50 if it's not their car:

I confirm that the vehicle detailed above is registered, owned or insured by either my employer or myself and is regularly driven by me. I understand it is an offence to wrongfully obtain information of this nature without reasonable cause and if I fail to provide true reasons for acquiring information I may be committing an offence of unlawfully obtaining data contrary to section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1988. I declare that the information provided will not be used for any purposes unrelated to this enquiry

If not, where's the best place to report this offence?
Reporting Uninsured Cars - Rattle
You can report them to the data protection act people but I would love to see somebody convicted of it.
Reporting Uninsured Cars - Armitage Shanks {p}
Where do we report DVLA for selling OUR information to cowboy clampers and Italian cities like Florence and Pisa with strange city centre driving rules?

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