01 1.9 DW8 diesel lacking power - Guppy

Berlingo diesel DW8. Drives OK at low speeds and drives OK if it's pushed.

However, around mid revs the engine seems to lack a little power. It feels like a flat spot, is this normal?

Of more concern, if driving down the motorway at about 50-60mph and you ease off the power the engine feels very "jumpy". Under load it doesn't do this though.

Someone suggested engine mounts but these look OK. Any other ideas?
01 1.9 DW8 diesel lacking power - pjbw
1.9 diesel Berlingo Multispace Forte bought in 2003, very comfortable, quiet and reliable but always has been as slow as the proverbial funeral.
A couple of weeks ago at 98,000 miles the rear silencer rusted through. This was the original one with the metal strap round it to hold the hooks for the mounting rubbers. My local Honest Michael could not get the original silencer and replaced it with a much smaller one, but still a genuine Citroen part.
The car is transformed!. I do not need the extra performance but it is appreciated. Where it is really scoring is on fuel consumption. I habitually run down to 1/4 full and then top it up up, about 50 litres. This did some 500 miles but my last fill is still going strong with 550 miles on.
I am sure there is a catch somewhere: emissions; maybe, but I am not about to check!
01 1.9 DW8 diesel lacking power - Bromptonaut
pjbw's experience more or less matches my own - at least in the perf gain. We were told by our local franchised repairer that Citroen had discontinued the original silencer (with its legnthy s-shaped outlet) and replaced it with the new one which exits nearer to the vehicle's centreline. The installer instructions include cutting a suitable recess for it in the rear bumper. Later models - I compared an 08 Hdi - came with the new style box nad bumper cut out as standard.

The DW8 version is never going to be a stormer but it's quiet and comfortable at 60/65.

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01 1.9 DW8 diesel lacking power - pjbw
My Honest Michael did not know that the rear bumper had to be cup away to accommodate the 'straight' silencer. I complained about the noise and we went round to the local parts store who replaced the straight silencer with a bendy tailpipe one. It had a Citroen label on it but the part number was illegible. The bendy tailpipe was smaller in diameter than the original 2003 silencer.
Michael fitted this and it has been nothing short of a revelation. Conspiracy Theorist that I tend to be I wonder if the original 2003 silencer was deliberately designed to throttle the engine so as not to show up the 2 litre turbocharged diesel available at the time.
I really must do some research and find out where this silencer was sourced.
01 1.9 DW8 diesel lacking power - Cirpsy
Interesting comments here I have a Citroen Berlingo Van 1.9 Diesel 04 model which i have to say is rather slow, is it the case if I swap the silencer it will improve the performance and consumption of the van? If so what sort of costs are we talking about. Have you got details of the part concerned please?
01 1.9 DW8 diesel lacking power - barkas
Hi there guppy. As this engine is getting on in years and has a power output problem, I would check your valve clearances first,it costs nothing to check them apart from some sealer around the cover and their operation is critical,If your year and model has a ECU, then I would try a Diagnostic check at your citroen dealer (£69) as there could be a EGR problem or inj pump or temp guage sender fault the EGR valve operation could be cutting in at mid revs and effecting output. Also check your adjustments on the Inj pump to the specs in a Haynes manual. The injectors would be my second port of call, remove them and take to inj specialist for testing.
01 1.9 DW8 diesel lacking power - barkas
Hi there again Guppy. As regards to your "jumpy" drive at 50 to 60 mph on acceleration only, on the berlingo this is an indication of worn drive shaft (inner) velocity joints, (its possibly a blebbed tyre also so try a diagonal wheel change first)..a lot of people point the finger incorrectly at the engine mountings and its true that the mounting nearest the gear change at the g/box is VERY soft and can sometimes cause "tramping" of the power unit which is a design characteristic. The surefire way to diagnose this "jumpy is when it starts to do it next time,as you accelerate throo the "jumpy "zone... put your hand on the gearstick and if the gearstick is rocking backwards and forwards....you shafts require changing.