96 1.3 Stalling/Reving/MIL - McP
My neighbour has asked me to have a look at his car. I have fixed some minor problems on it before.
Apparantly the engine check light is coming on. The car is sometimes stalling and sometimes over reving itself.

It has done around 140K miles. 6 to 12 months ago it had a top end rebuild in a local garage due to the cambelt falling off of a worn pulley.
It was serviced last year sometime.

Any ideas where to start looking?
96 1.3 Stalling/Reving/MIL - bell boy
air leak
96 1.3 Stalling/Reving/MIL - McP
I did have a quick look in the dark with the engine off before posting on here.
The intake and attached hoses seemed intact.
Presumably better to have a listen with the engine running?
I was wondering about the MAF but it doesn't appear to have one! (I have a 2.0 X reg Primera so may be looking in the wrong place)

I removed the top of the airbox. The filter is fairly clean. The butterfly looks a bit carbonised around the edges.
96 1.3 Stalling/Reving/MIL - bell boy
get it ticking over warm and move all the air hoses around see if anything causes a sudden increase in revs
96 1.3 Stalling/Reving/MIL - McP
Thanks Bell Boy. I will have a look tomorrow.
96 1.3 Stalling/Reving/MIL - McP
In case anyone is interested or has the same symptoms...
My neighbour told me that the coolant temp sensor was faulty.
Diagnosed and fixed by a local indy garage.
96 1.3 Stalling/Reving/MIL - HyundaiAccident99
Where is the MIL connection on this vehicle? I drive a US version 1999 and I can't find the connector for the computer. I have the check engine indicator light on and can't diagnose the issue without it.

Thanks for your help.